Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When I see You

unaware of what I feel for you, I feel that I have born again, this confusion this anxiousness they are such a sweet pain..let Me wrap around you; my comfort zone, your someone I own..I have never ran short of words before,but now when I think of us I WANA express so much more.I want to go on walk with u on a beach,
tease u n run away so it gets hard to reach.
giggle and run back in your arms, I am truly besotted by your charms.just sit beside u with your my hand around my hair,
you would move them away from my cheek when they get disturbed by sum fresh airwhen u would see my neck u'd place a soft Kiss,
that'd make Me giggle n i'll experience sheer bliss..

all the problems in this life will look so small,
with u beside Me i walk tall and matter what happens the next day; the moMents i'd have wid u are enough for Me,
after this day I can face a life full of misery
n when u smile I can feel the warmth in my heart,
I wonder now all these years how did could we live apartI look at u and i just want to write,
your face seems to Me the most beautiful sight
i enjoy watching u, wishing 2 love u,
sometimes I wish 1 day i'd hug u..i dont know what else could i do to express what i feel,
u heal my wounds like no1 can heal
u've stolen it away from Me; my heart,
u've just done it from the start...