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Al Hadi - Part 2

As salamualaykum wr wb!

So, this is the part 2 of the Names and Attributes of Allah. We are currently studying about the name of Allah that is Al-Hadi (the one who guides) and IF you have no idea what am I writing about then you can find it all here

Now, In my last post we had discussed about some of my personal experiences with the name Al-Hadi, the places in Quran where it is mentioned, the origin of the word and some more Introduction. Hidayah is a word in Arabic which is used for Guidance.

There are 4 different types of Guidance which Allah has blessed His creation with ;

1. Hidayat-Al-A'mmah (General Guidance) : This type of the Guidance can be experienced by us all around us. This is the type of Guidance whicih is general in it's nature and is for the entire creation. All the creation is Guided by Allah in the best of manner in an appropriate time for what is good for them. Here are few examples of such guidance;

When we look around us, Especially in the nature we can notice that the entire creation is guided in different ways. For example, the bees ; when you look and observe a bee-hive you would notice that it is always perfectly built, mostly in an oval shape there are no holes, no imprefection in between. They construct it without actually having any blueprints or a set of instructions to do it nor have they obtained a bachelors degree in acrchitecture, yet when you observe the bee-hive it is perfect in its construction. The bees also work in groups, they do not take their nectar from any flower, they select their flowers, they have guards at the gates of the bee-hives they smell a bee before letting them in.

What about the stars? The sun and the moon? How are they guided to work in such a synchronized fashion? And trust me when we actually study the way our universe works, then anyone in this world would throw Mr. Darwin's theory of Evolution right in the bin.

What about a birds? The way they build their nests. The way they migrate from one country to another during the time of winter. They don't even have a GPS but they travel from one place to another without losing their way. Even they are all guided by Allah - Al Hadi. Try to check on NAT GEO or Discovery chanel websites to know more about the nature and its exceptional facts. Now, think about this When Allah SWT has guided nature, the entire creation? Then how can he leave the most complicated creation (read : humans) of his unguided? How would he leave us alone?

Now let's briefly look at the General guidance with regards to us;

What about new born babies? Imagine what would happen if a new born baby didn't know how to suckle. But hey, we cannot even blame the baby because it is just few minutes old in the world. Plus, we would not be able to communicate to him instructing on how to suckle because the baby's brain is not fully developed yet. Even the babies are guided by Allah Al-hadi which is why they know how to suckle their mother's bossom right after few minutes of birth.

What about our own body organs? We might think they are with us, in us but guess what? Even they are the slaves of Allah Al-Hadi. Our Brain was never really given a training on what's right or what's wrong or on how to react on certain situations. What about our heart? Nobody taught it how to pump the blood in our body.. Even our limbs and our organs don't go like 'Thats it I am bored of doing this job'

Alright! Now comes the 2nd type of Guidance!

Jinn are another creation of Allah swt just like Humans. Of course, Jinn are different in their existence than that of Humans. And none can interact with eachother but we know that they exist and Just as we have some humans who believe in One God and some who believe in Multiple Gods or some who live in Ignorance, It is the same with the Jinn. They are Good amongst them and they are some bad ones just like humans. Our proof for their existence and our knowledge about thier nature, where does it come from? Well it comes from Surah Jinn, Which is the 72 Surah in the Quran.

2. Hidayat-al-Jinn-wal-Ins. (Guidance for the Jinn and the Mankind)- On the Day of Judgement Allah will ask "Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?" [Verse 115, Surah Mu'minoon]

Now before we proceed further into this type of Guidance, Let us anaylyze two things

a. The nature of a human being : The thing that is the most common these days among the human beings is sadness, depression, life with problems. There is absolutely nobody who can say that there are zero problems in their life. Even if it is a highly-paid actor or un underpaid laborer. Everyone have their own set of tensions and trials and nobody can really escape from it. This is one of the reasons why we as human beings must seek out to know more about our creator. Why, you ask? Well because due to all these trials and tribulations in our life what does our hearts yearn the most for is Peace. And...? "Truly, it is by the Remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest." [Qur'an, 13.28]

I speak from experience and I am sure many people have also experienced it when we get to know more about the creator and when our trust in him grows stronger with each time we know a little more about Him. What happens is that there is a certainity that your heart gets filled with. The certainity that no matter what happens in your life, it is happening with the will of Allah. The certainity that He will make a way out for you no matter how great the trail and He is aware of the burden a trial causes to your soul. And Allah says in the Quran ''No burden do We place on any soul but that which it can bear.'' (6:152)

b. The different types of people and their reactions upon recieving the Guidance from Allah swt.

i) When this type of person is encountered with some Guidance along with a solid proof from the Quran and Sunnah. He/She reject it right away without even giving it a thought and looking for a possiblity of accepting this Guidance. Yet, even with these people Allah swt does not give up, He Guides them from one way to another to an extent beyond which when they turn away then even He swt would also turn away from them. Such are the people whose hearts would be sealed away from the Guidance. Unless they repent and start yearning for it again.

ii) This the type of person who is genuinely confused and is shy to follow a command of Allah swt due to his own weakness. He may know that he has to follow a command like praying 5 times a day, yet he may be surrounded with the kind of people who do not pray and he is shy to do it in front of them. Then, Allah swt will also be shy regarding his case but He will not take away his guidance nor will He turn away from this person. He will continue to reward this person for his deeds. Now, I know that many of us these days can claim to fall under this precise category with regards to following a command or we can say that we are also genuinely confused but Allah knows what is in our hearts.

iii) This type of person accepts when you present the truth to him in form of a guidance. This person accepts the truth immediately and hastens up to work on it. For this case, The more this person wants to go near Allah by performing good deeds then even Allah would hasten up to forgive his past, and to let him draw near to him? Proof?

Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet :sallaAllahuAlaihiwasallam: said, "Allah says: ' When a slave of Mine draws near to Me a span, I draw near to him a cubit; and if he draws near to Me a cubit, I draw near to him a fathom. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him running.'''.

The one who falls under this category are those with the best of Eman.

So now, we know about this Guidance which is specifically designed from us. The question is How do we Get this Guidance? What do we do to seek it? Very simple, All we need is a heart that yearns for the truth, and Guidance from Allah swt sincerely. Most of us can say 'so my heart is seeking for guidance but i find no change in me' well my lovelies, just seeking it for the heck of it will of course not lead us anywhere. Sincerity plays an important role and as muslims we must the know the importance of sincerity in Islam as a whole.

Allah swt loves the movements of our hearts. How does these movements occur? You know sometimes when we feel so lost, so much in despair, like our own little worlds are hit by cyclones? and there seems to be noway out? And then we sincerely cry, and pray to Allah swt? Yeahh... those are the moments in which your heart moves.

WE might also think, Okay all of this is cool then why must we seek this Guidance or why must we even accept it? well in layman's language if we are not guided, then we are misguided and if we are misguiden then 'We Go To Hell'! Not a nice place to spend an eternity in ;)

Now in the language of those who need a bigger picture, If we turn away from Allah and His Guidance. Then , what other Guidance of this world be of any benefit to us? What other thing in this world would guarantee us an eternally successful life?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

28-April-2008 - Part 1

So for those who have read my previous post 3 days ago about how I am going to write about 3 years of my college life every day.. Well I just couldn't do it. I thought I would, But i knew a part of me would just end up writing bad things about my once-good friends, so I refrained from it. But I am aware that 2 people were looking forward for those posts. So I am sorry.

28-April-2008 is 1 of the days that are engraved in my mind and the memory of which is so crystal clear in my mind that it feels as if it had happened just yesterday. I have grown a lot as an individual in these past 3 years of without really having real friends around me all the time. 2005-2008 were my college years, in which my aim was to graduate and get a decent job, be successful and well you know the drill. When I had done my Intermediate college years (11th & 12th grade for those who do not know this part of Indian education system), I was not a fan of college back then because I was merely 13 and 14 years old that time because of my adventures of skipping 4 school years. Plus, what had also acted as a disadvantage during that time was that one the lecturers had disclosed this piece of info in the class, so I was just looked upon as a kid with whom you couldn't really share anything, and If i had a doubt on the accounts problem being done on the board It was assumed that I have a doubt because I such a kid.

Pretty much everyone was selfish in that class, I may have been too. But the degrees differed to a great extent. Eventually, I started disliking it to the extent that I would go to college only when I felt like it, I would study only for the internal exams that I wished for. And no matter how much I avoided college, I knew for a fact that I could just study 2 days before the final exam and pass through it with a decent percentage. And I did. I had an overall percentage of 72.6% in the exams of these 2 years.

So now, When my life at another college staretd in 2005, this time I had to study for 3 years to get myself a degree. I remember thinking to myself ''Great, last college was 2 years of torture and now this is going to be 3 years''. Honestly, I did not look forward to it, nor did I have any expectations like i did before, I was not keen on making new friends after having experienced back-stabbers as friends previously. I had told myself 'All i am here for, is to study, get a degree and get done with this place' as I was entering the college gate on 24-June-2005.

That day, nothing went as I had planned, I was running late for my class, I had tough time finding my class, and when I did find it I was welcomed by 25 pair of suspicious eyes and a lecturer asking me the reason for being late to the class. I saw some faces in the class that I could recognize because I had seen them giving the entrance test to enter this course of study just like myself. The desks and chairs in the class were disorganized, the students were bunched together through them. I wore a dress that day which I had worn previously at the entrance test, so I think that acted as a clue for some people who were trying to figure out if they had seen me before. One of those people was Shehla , as soon as the lecturer was out of the class she had came upto me to remind me how both of us were searching for our classroom during the entrance test exam, how I had wished she could shut up about it because honestly I do no like being reminded how I had worn the SAME DRESS on that day. But Shehla being Shehla had to do that which made me write a mental note for myself which said ''Avoid this girl at ALL COSTS''

Then as the day progressed we were required to introduce ourselves and I recalled seeing this one girl who had stood out in the entrance exam centre, for just reason. What? well she had worn a denim mini-skirt with a black t-shirt which was like a BIG THING that time in my city or maybe still is. Because, everyone passes a rather ridiculous judgement that whoever does dress like that is bound to have like 3-4 boyfriends, or that she wants attention for wrong reasons. But today, she had worn a black and white salwar kameez, with white salwar and black kameez. I liked her style alot today because even she had a metal jewelry piece attached to her kameez (tunic) just like myself. I also figured she must like the color black alot :P While introducing herself she said her name was 'Dolma' and I was like 'WHAT?' and haha 'I have never heard about this name before'.. Someone from the class put my curiosity in words and asked her what does her name mean and she replied 'It's a bhutani name, it means the goddess of mercy'

Well, the next day was quite interesting too, during the morning lecture of accounting 2 girls wearing salwar kameez walked in the class and apologized for being late. I recognized 1 of the 2 girls because I had laughed at her mentally while writing my entrance test as she was sitting on the desk beside mine that time. She was wearing a full-sleeve white and red salwar kameez, the kameez being white with some red flowers printed on it and the salwar being red. On the entrance test day, I had noticed her tomboy-ish sports shoes under her abaya and had a fit of laughter in my head thinking 'What a fashion victim! who wears a manly sports shoes on an abaya?!' what I could not even imagine was being best-friends with this person and who was she? Well she was a girl named Afrah which meant happinesss in Arabic (no she did not tell everyone what her name meant, GOOGLE used to exist even when I was in college!)

I became the first bencher, reason? well you remember Shehla? The girl I had vowed to avoid? Well, she's quite a person nobody can avoid (even if they try LOL) so she wanted to sit on the first bench and I thought to myself 'okay whatever not that it matters' BUT it DID! I had to pretend to concentrate and struggle with keeping my eyes open while the lecturer would talk about the most BORING TOPICS on the face of this earth RIGHT IN MY FACE! I mean really boring!!!!! Think 'Accounting standards and principles' Don't get me wrong, I liked accounting alot but IN practice, In solving problems NOT in Theory. I mean what type of a jerk would need an explanation on 'Accounting as a Science' and 'Accounting as an Art'???! You could just read these things in the freaking text book and understand it! No explanation needed!!

The other girl with Afrah had introduced herself as 'Ambreen Khanum' and yes I had a fit of laughter mentally at her last name :P LOL! I was wondering to myself 'Maybe her family didn't like the name Khan so they changed it to Khanum' ..... and I was thinking 'Man I am the ONLY ONE with a cool surname' O Yes! I was completely full of myself. Its a BAIG thing you know :P (don't ask me what my surname means use those fingers and type BAIG on wikipedia)

Then as she told me that her entire family is BAIG's, like her paternal side of the family. I started pitying her, poor she, she has been deprived of the wonderful surname! How cruel could this world be sometimes?!! :P LOL, but it was not the world to blame, it was her maternal grandfather who thought that 'Khanum' is a more lady-like surname!

As the days in my new college life passsed, there were few other girls in the class that I had noticed but never showed enough of interest in getting to know them. Along with Shela and I in the first row, there was a CHATTERBOX called Azra. I don't remember anything about her from the first year of my college life except for a few things like the fact that I despised her never-ending CHATTER, She was one of those people who brought lunch to the college, She had the most craziest handwriting that can EVER be known to mankind(but i liked it in a way because it gave the teachers a tough time), She had asked Afrah about the meaning for the word 'masturbate' which Afrah refused to explain in front of me (as she knew my real age which was 15 that time). By the end of the day thanks to Azra , I had pretty much memorized the entire wikipedia page on this topic!

More memories to be written down, I hope I finish the other parts soon!

The Art of Breaking Hearts? Oh yeah!

We've all had people in our lives who have pretty much walked all over us just like a footmat or even worse. Generally, It does hurt but you know, we get busy, think of other things and almost get done through it.

BUT! What happens when someone we love the most and have been doing so for as long as we could remember uses their skills of breaking hearts on us? The answer is very simple, What you ask? Its painful, Ouch. The Lesson is very priceless, What you ask? Stop Expecting.

Okay, so with the way this post is going I know it is a total rant. Then Again, I know we all are human beings and expectations are like our second nature. Even when we know a person just for few days, it does not stop our hearts from getting attached to that person and from having certain expectations.

So we stop expecting from people for sometime, yet subconsciouly after a while we tend to restart with the whole expectations-fiesta all over again. Now, what do we do? Stop Expecting? NO. Then? Well, expect from the right source. Like? Allah (May He be Glorified)

"And your Lord says: "Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer)!" [Quran Surah 40 Verse 60]

''Just think who answers the oppressed person when he cries out to Him and relieves his affliction, and makes you, O mankind, inheritors of the earth? Is there another god besides Allah? How little do you reflect!'' [Quran 27 Verse 62]

There you go, I am not making it up, It's all about the right source. Just as You cannot go to a downtown area looking for Louis Vuitton or Gucci (unless, you want the fake stuff). In the same manner you cannot expect from the creation while knowing that expectations can only be perfectly met if they are from The Creator.

Note to Self : I should really use atleast half of the advice I give here

Monday, April 25, 2011

Should I or shouldn't I?

Okay, so i have started with 2 books. First one was about 2 and a half years ago and I had abandoned it out of business.

The second one which I have started recently is a story which is close to my heart. I want to have an online back up for it too, and today I was writing another chapter for it but I am not sure if i should post the story here on my blog or should I create a completely different blog for it?

What do you suggest?

28-04-2011 - It would be 3 Whole Years

It all feels so surreal, I am still having a difficult time in accepting that the college days are over, and it would be 3 years in another 3 days when I last saw my friends before leaving for UAE.

I was fine previously with spending summer holidays over here because at the end of it I would go back to the college and meet up with my mates again.

We all met up once again, last year august when Afrah and I threw a party but this time somebody was in love, somebody was going to get married, somebody took teaching as a profession and somebody was already married with a kid..

There are uncountable memories from college that I cherish till today but what really makes me happy is the fact that it was in degree college that I had met Afrah, Amby, Shehla, Asma and Doli. People who played a significant role in my life. O and even Azra :P well technically it was her awesome reference books (which i never wanted to buy) that played a BIGG role in my academic life.. She had all the reference books which we were told to check up during our final year. Because most of the students in our class were bookworms or teacher's pets as a result of which the minute a teacher had suggested a reference book, they would rush to the library and get it issued, In short depriving other people of using them. O wonderful memories!

If somebody would ask me about afrah in the during the first 2 months of my college life, I would have probably shrugged it off and would have been like ''I don't know If I'd be friends with her.. She's a bit weird and different from others... Not the kind of people I like''

I remember I had desperately wanted to be friends with Doli in my first year sole reason being that she was and is freaking talented when it comes to painting. I was just so much in awe of her painting pictures on Orkut (yes, facebook was not popular those days)! Being a kid of 15 years I had decided 'This is the girl I'd make good friends with!'' LOL

BUT! each year of my 3 years of college life to attain a graduate degree had some sort of unexpected surprise to it. As I try to recall those memories, there is just so much to be written down on my blog. I had started authoring a book based on college life few months after we finished college but just like my other projects, this one never saw an end too... But i should really work on it, I am sure it would be a best seller. Those 3 years had changed me as a person and gifted me true friends that I never had before.. oo yeah! I have to do that ... so anyway the following entries for the next 3 days will be about my college years... 1, 2, and 3!! :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

You know Those Feelings...

I have been feeling alot of THOSE feelings, which One cannot help...

1. The feeling when you have SOOO many things in your mind that your thoughts create an uncontrolled whirlwind in your mind and when you sit down infront of your laptop to actually write something, your thoughts are so messed up that you can barely write a decent blogpost?

2. The feeling when you are missing somebody you should not be missing because they have pretty much damaged you as a person and ruined a big part of your life? And the sad part is that you loved them? Yeah, it can be a pretty stupid feeilng

3. The feeling when you feel that your life and its routine is SOOO monotonous that you would prefer to just leave it and do something different for a change. But the sad part of the feeilng is that the people you are surrounded with are the ones who have a stable life due to their safe choices so somehow you have to convince yourself that this MUST be the right way

4. The feeling when 2 people you had really cared for break your heart and you are not really sure who to be more mad at?

5. The feeling when a person you have loved since the time you were born, you've looked after them, when somebody got on to their case you stood in their defense while they were willing to accept their defeat... when that person betrays you and makes you feel trusting somebody is an open invitation for inevitable hurt? Yeah this feeling is also quite depressing but there's a valuable lesson that can be derived from this feeling which is
Dude, You Just Cannot Trust Anyone!

6. The feeling when you think of the memories that you thought you had safely locked them away in the archive of unwanted/hurtful memories. You wake up one day from your sleep and you start thinking about them. The helpless part of it being no matter what you do the memories play in your mind like a movie until the end of the day, until you are pretty much shattered.. and Once you become whole again, Damn they strike again!

7. The feeling when you think about a mistake and the remorse is so bad that it starts to pain to an extent that you wish if only there was a way to disappear. Anything to make the pain stop.

8. The feeling that tells you that its okay to be selfish sometimes..

9. The feeling to leave everything and just go sit by the beach with the friend you love the most... Sad part, that friend lives in another country

10. Finally, my longest whim to leave everything and go on a travelling spree... to oman, to morocco, to spain, to Uk, and finally my fav Europe... <3 Just go there, read more, learn how paint, live each day as it comes, one step at a time.

Hey, a girl can dream... :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just You

Only you know what I hold behind that smile on my face,
Only you know about those sleepless nights and teary days..
I complain not about my painful memories to anyone except you,
For no matter how hard anyone tries, No one knows me like you do.

You have seen my moments, You have seen me when I was weak,
When the damage done to me was so bad, I could barely speak
Had it not been for you I could never have held myself together again,
It is only to you that I complain of my recovering heart and recurring pain.

I bow down to you, with tears that so easily flow out of my eyes,
Its easy to talk to you, to feel burden-less, I have realized.
You have sent people in my life to help me get through the rough phase,
They helped me in erasing whatever I needed to erase..

But, Some of those memories are still there in the back of my mind,
Memories that make me come to you crying, that send chills in my spine.
I know with surety in my heart, no matter whoever leaves me you would always be there,
Even If i act stupid, behave selfish, disobedient and arrogant, you still care.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Al Hadi - Part 1

Introduction : The word Al - Hadi which is one of the Name and Attributes of Allah (swt) and is explained as ''The One with Whose Guidance His believers were guided, and with Whose Guidance the living beings have been guided to what is beneficial for them and protected from what is harmful to them.''

Al Hadi is derived from the root word 'Hidayah' which means Guidance and the verb for it is 'Yahdi' which means 'To guide' and Al-Hadi in literal translation is the One who guides. But unlike the guidance of human beings Allah's guidance is perfect.

You can ask how? Now, imagine a situation whereby you are lost in an area and you have to reach to a destination (and lets just presume you don't have a GPS in your car :P) you are dependant on your other fellow human beings on the way. So you stop your car and you check with a person or 2 if they can give you the directions for your location. Now, the chances are 50-50 that he can give you the correct directions or he might just confuse you or give you totally wrong directions. Human Beings are limited in Guidance. So his guidance, is not and cannot be perfect because he is just a human being and perfection is not really his attribute (no matter how much people scream that they're perfectionists there's always somewhere that they'd err).

Whereas, Allah's guidance is perfect for many many reasons but they are only very few that we as humans, can comprehend on. Imagine this, you have created a device, or a software or lets say even a recipe :P would you not know the precise details of it? (unless your an absent-minded professor like me)

You would, right? So we have put our 100% trust in Allah's guidance as He is Our creator and he is very well aware of which specific areas are we weak in, where we could use an extra push, what makes us to do wrong actions, what tempts us, where we could use some extra guidance and hey, he knows this for all the people on this earh.

So He Allah swt, just wants you and I to reach out to him with a sincere heart for his guidance and he will guide us in ways that we could have never imagined of. Any heart that truthfully/sincerely looks for the Truth Allah Al-Hadi will never ever disappoint it. I will give you a personal example for Guidance, just last saturday I did a sin and c'mon we all do the stuff we know is BAD when we are alone or we would go to a place where nobody can see us right?

Okay, so i pretty much did that and then i left from that place to go to the metro station, I hailed a cab and sat in it, the cab guy was playing Quran Radio, and I thought to myself 'O great, the guilt-coaster is gonna start now' .... It was no less than a minute that I sat in the cab where one of the lines being played from the Quran was 'InnAllaha Sami'un Baseer' (Indeed, Allah is All-Hearing and All-Seeing) and I was like ''Woaaaahhh! Scary stuff, I need to stop this sin immediately'' and I felt regret in my heart then no longer than 2-3 minutes another verse ends with something like 'InnAllaha Ghafoor ur-Raheem'' (Indeed it is Allah the Most-forgiving, The Most-Merciful Because I was being guided in a way I could hardly imagine of. It was a reminder+ a form of Guidance.

The Name Al-Hadi is mentioned twice in the Quran:

1. Surah Hajj, Verse #54,
And that those who have been given knowledge may know that it (this Qur'an) is the truth from your Lord, and that they may believe therein, and their hearts may submit to it with humility. And verily, Allah is the Guide of those who believe, to the Straight Path.

2. Surah Furqan, Verse #31
Thus have We made for every Prophet an enemy among the Mujrimun (disbelievers, polytheists, criminals, etc.). But Sufficient is your Lord as a Guide and Helper.

There are 4 different types of Guidance that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ("Glorious and Exalted is He") provides to his Creation. We shall discuss thi in the next blogpost! Insha'allah!

My beloved teacher sister E tells us, that you love somebody because you know so much about them, and they are just the creation, now think of the love you would feel if you know more about your creator. The One who brought you into existence, nurtured you, sustained you through His means. Wouldn't you want to know more about that Creator of yours? and when you do, The best way is by starting to study the Names & Attributes of Allah SWT in a way that after that 'Everything around you shall remind you of a Name and Attribute of Allah'

Another good reason to learn more about Allah's names and attributes is when you are aiming at getting close to Him because, When you know a friend of yours overtime, you feel free to tell them any of your problems seek their help, or advice and once you do that you feel that your bond with that friend becomes tighter than ever. Then Imagine What about Allah? Wa Lillahi'l Masa lil 'Ala (To Allah belongs the best descriptions)

In Short, to learn about Allah SWT is like to start a journey in a huge never-ending ocean and initially near the port, the water may seem shallow but as you move further and further in the sea of knowledge you realize there's SOO much more to discover!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No She is NOT getting married to a Muslim! No She does NOT want a Rich Arab man!

As salamualaykum!

''I can understand it if it is coming from my australian mates, or people who are non-muslim, but it is SOO frustating when it comes from my Brothers and Sisters in Islam! Isn't Islam good enough for me to just enter in for it's beliefs?'' A asked while we were on our way back to her home on Thursday.

It is NOT just her, I have seen so many people who presume that when a non-muslim girl reverts to Islam in an Arab state could be only for the following reasons ;

1. She is going to marry a muslim guy
2. She wants to get a rich arab for herself
3. Maybe she wants to marry a LOCAL!

For all those people who are SO interested in asking these questions, I just want to ask you all One thing, 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?' Can't somebody just Enter Islam because they wanted to follow a religion with beliefs that made sense to them? OR maybe JUST maybe! They wanted to follow Truth??! or HEY! Perhaps they read a translation of the Quran and grew more curious about it??

C'mon come out of your cave already.

Don't be suspicious about anyone, because nobody knows the state of eman in their hearts like nobody can know yours.

“Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the worst of false tales and do not look for the others` faults, and do not do spying on one another, and do not practice Najsh (to cheat), and do not be jealous of one another and do not hate one another, and do not desert (stop talking to) one another. And O, Allah`s worshipers! Be brothers!"

Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 008 Book No. 073 Hadith No. 092 Narrated by Abu Huraira (r.a.)

When we ask such questions we make them feel like strangers to the religion. As if Islam is just made for people who are born in it and only those people have the Perfect Reasons to be Muslims and Perfect Knowledge!

Then we have the other set wonderful people who feel that being corrected by a reverted Muslim is a BIG OFFENSE! This may be NEWS to them but guess what?! The Companions of the Prophet (sal Allahu Alay hi wa sallam) were also REVERTS!

''I am born Muslim, I know better than you do, Don't YOU tell me what to do or How to do!''

Akhi or Ukhty who gives this response upon being corrected. Haven't you heard of humility or showing respect to your brother/sister in Islam?

Ok fine, let's presume that you don't ''WANT'' to show both. What does Islam say about arrogance?

614. Haritha ibn Wahb said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, 'Shall I tell you about the people of the Fire? All those who are coarse, domineering, and arrogant.'" [Agreed upon] [Chapter 72, Riyad as Saliheen by Imam Nawawi]

Thats all, I am done with my rant. Plus, the post above is not just what I have to remind about to others, It is a reminder for myself too.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whats new?

To my limited number of Readers :D

Guess, What's new in my life? Well from 07-April-2011 I sorta decided to do something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. Those who know me well, I guess they have an idea.

How about you? Can you figure it out?

Hint : Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy would not really welcome me in his country anymore ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

06-04-2007 *Things that we do for Friends*

I was just checking my FaceBook account when I noticed a Birthday Reminder at the right side of my screen. It was the birthday of one of my classmates today. Which reminded me of what i had done on this specific day i.e. 06-April in the year 2007.

4 Years have gone by but my memory of that day is still pretty clear. I had 2 Best Friends that time during college. 1 was Afrah and another 1 was Amby. I was an all-obedient friends with Afrah, she was my topmost priority those days (well she still is but alhamdulilah i've toned down a teensy-weensy bit)

My classmate prati had been going around after our final exam in the exam centre inviting everyone to her house for her Birthday Party. She invited all the classmates but I think only very few were keen on going as she lived in a part of the city which was very away from where we lived. My other 2 friends Asmi and Doli decided to go as it would be very rude if nobody showed up for her party despite the invitation, that gave Amby a.k.a madam ji a confidence boost and she thought it would be a fun idea if we (read : our group including afrah, sneha and me) also attend the party.

Sneha had agreed as she lived somewhere closeby to prati's house. Afrah blatantly declined the proposal and expressed how she'd rather stay home instead of going to the party and then When Afrah decides on something then no amount of reasoning goes in that smart mind of hers ;)

Also, when Afrah makes some decision it indirectly included me as well. So Amby knew very well that even I would not go with her ... so what did she do? Being the dare-devil that she is, she asked me to come with her, I tried telling her how it is SOO far the auto fares will cover my ENTIRE pocket money (which was really peanuts that time) but she kept persisting. Finally she uttered those wonderful words which were guaranteed to work on me ''OH I know why you are not coming, Because afrah is 'not' coming''

That was enough to change my decision and 4 of us that's Amby, Doli, Asmi and I decided to save the Auto Fare and instead take a bus to the closest Bus Stop near prati's house. And let me tell you travelling in Hyderabad buses makes you wanna rush home and take a long shower with detol! They are crowded, not tidy, and it is uncomfortability at its BEST. I salute the courage of those people who travel in them on daily basis. Anyhow, I prepared my mind for the worst but was shocked to realize after stepping in the bus that it was not crowded at all the uncomfort was stil there And If I ever meet the person who approves these buses with such painful seats on them, I'd probably KILL THAT GUY!

After spending about 60-70 minutes in the Bus, which was unexpectedly fun. Because we started playing Guess-the-movie-name and I totally sucked at it but had fun nevertheless. I could guess just 1 movie's name. When I got down at the Bus Stop I kept wondering to myself Good LORD! which part of this world i ventured into???!! It was crowded and I could not see anyone speaking URDU Leave English! majority spoke in Telegu which is our 'regional' language and I have no idea whatsoever on how to speak or understand it. Because, majority of people in hyderabad speak in Urdu or it's slang.

Doli was on phone taking directions from other friend who had reached there. Somebody thought walking in that area was a great idea and after sometime we gave up and hailed an auto.. Finally after much of wrong turns and roaming around we arrived at prati's apartment.

I had no wish whatsoever to travel in a BUS, to arrive at an alien place, to attend a classmate's birthday with whom I was not really close but I must admit I attacked her lucnh many times, But I knew If I refused Amby would be mad as she Always thought that I just give Afrah all the importance known to mankind and no importance to her at all! (Of course, that time it didn't make sense to me but now it does LOL!) So, FUNNY things We all do for our Friends during college life.

All my complaining reduced to an extent when I saw other classmates there and It was good to see prati happy besides she had my fav butterscotch flavor ice cream ready..

And then I danced, somebody thought putting music around me was a good idea! Little did they know that the 'Dance Monster' within me wakes up at the slighest sound of my favorite songs. Let me tell you this, When I dance, I bring embarassment to it. I make people laugh out their hearts with it. And everytime I DO it somebody or another thinks IT would be a GOOD IDEA to record it on video!! SO MUCH FOR BEING FRIENDS!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reflections on the name Al-Hadi (The One who guides) – Part 1


Imagine this scene; You have a really good friend of yours, whom you really care about, whom you love and whom you are concerned about. You buy an expensive gift for that person, say a Tiffany’s rare solitaire? Okay, so here you are buying a really precious gift. You then go to your friend’s house imagining the happiness of your friend and their reaction upon the gift you have specially selected for them. And once you give the gift, your friend takes it in the hand looks at it plainly and then just shoves it inside a drawer or a cupboard without any sort of reaction as if there was nothing special about it. How would you feel?

Wa liLillah hil masa lil ‘ala (And for Allah’s is the highest description)

Allah (swt) has made us Muslims. Out of His mercy because it would not affect Him and His Majesty in the least bit if the entire mankind turns into ultimate sinners or if the entire mankind turns into pious believers. He does not need us nor would he be affected by our actions at all, but we need Him for our whole source of existence comes from him and is dependent on his mercy.

We were born and raised as Muslims in a Muslim household. And as A PRECIOUS GIFT, Allah Swt has given us guidance, we have been told as far as we could remember that praying 5 times a day is compulsory, fasting in Ramadan, to enjoin good and forbid evil etc.

We received the precious guidance from a really long time. A Gift that many people of ignorance yearn for. A Gift that had it been tangible it would rake in more than billions of dollars. A Gift that is not bought, A Gift that is given out of pure love. A Gift that defines our bliss in the hereafter. A Gift that if accepted with whole heartedness and thankfulness will guarantee a bigger Gift in the time to come.
A Gift that we undermine every day. A Gift that we do not even consider as a Gift. A Gift so insignificant that we pass through number of years and major parts of our lives without even acknowledging its existence.

How often is it that we recognize the blessing of being a muslim? How often is it that we sincerely feel the gratitude towards Allah swt for this blessing? How often do we think to ourselves that we will change ourselves for our own betterment by following Allah’s commands and the way of his Messenger (saws) so that we may be successful in the hereafter? How often is that we think about the state we might up dying in? How often have we thought to ourselves that we will use the guidance when we reach an old age because the guidance is always going to be there right? How are we sure that we would be even alive to witness our old age? And if we think or presume we’d make it by that time then how can we be sure that we will be blessed with a wonderful health at that time to use it for accepting and benefitting from the guidance? Some tough questions, but let’s give it a thought.

We think ‘we are muslims okay, but let’s not make a big deal out of it now, shall we?’ for the fear of falling under the category of the ‘’extremists’’. Why are we ashamed or skeptical of falling under that category?

Yes! we must be extremists in the obedience of Allah swt just like we are ‘extremists’ in his disobedience. We must be extremists in helping others just as we are extremist in defaming others. We must really be extremists in following the path of Truth just as we are extremists in chasing our vain desires. When we can take the NOT-SO-GOOD-FOR-DEEN extremism then what about the otherwise?

When Allah ta’la wants us to see this Gift – this guidance. He keeps reminding us about it, in numerous ways. He selects the right and different ways of communication for every believer on a right time to make the believer see the guidance. If we do not accept the guidance in one way, He sends it in another way. Think of those times when we needed to revise our salah and we open our laptop to find a webpage talking about prayers, we get up from our couches and in the living room the call of prayer fills the room. We meet up with somebody and out of nowhere the person reminds us about the salah and it seems as though the entire world is out there today to remind us about salah. So where do we think these incidents come from and with whose will?

Allah swt keeps reminding us about the guidance until we blatantly deny the guidance and turn away from it. Then guess what, even Allah swt would turn away from us and what guidance would bring us any success in this life and the hereafter? If not the guidance of Allah swt? We may think of the celebs who obviously do not accept the guidance and yet they are successful in this life.

Firstly, it is all a fake success which is convincing for a heart which has been veiled away from truth, because the heart of every human being yearns for truth and to be rightly guided. But when we ignore that feeling then it gets veiled in the rust of our sins. Secondly, how long do we think that a human being lives for 70? 80? Or if that person is very lucky then about 90 years. Right? Now compare this period of lifetime with an eternal, never-ending life in the hereafter and think about the success that this celeb’s actions might reap him or her in the hereafter?

It it REALLY worth IT?

The answer is clear to those of us who want the true success.