Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here and There

The Cutest Kid Pushing his pram! TOUGH LIFE 


Dubai Festival City

Sunset at the Harbor

Love this Pic - God knows why!

Fascinated by the floor

It was her moment! 

Not a right shot.

Mothers! She was fixing his t-shirt

Chilling like a boss!

Saudi couple

The leaning tower of Dubai! :P No, Really its just the Burj

Tried a lot this was the best.

Another try

The Address -  I assume

City of Lights

Sad pic

Loved the Birds - Just chilling out

Sunset at Al Ain

Al Ain again

Edited version - I am skeptical to put up the original which is in monochrome

Monday, January 16, 2012

People in the train

Metro Station
If you travel in a metro train everyday to work, you can quite identify what I am writing about -

I've noticed that sometimes I really like travelling in a metro because I get to observe a lot of different people ; some are quite annoying; some are intriguing and some just are.

I have a ear-to-ear smile when I see people pulling a book out of their bags for the journey. No really, it makes me so happy that even in a city like Dubai in which people are always rushing about one thing or another some people really take the effort to stay in touch with reading the good old paperback books. My another favorite memory is of an old woman knitting throughout the journey and my least favorite is the set of people who use their laptops or tablets on the train. I must admit I've done it too twice but that's only during my last day before a holiday..

You can find a bunch of tourists on a train, young kids with their friends, a bunch of girls with shopping bags, students in their uniforms.. and much more. Most of the people have something in common - they have headphones on and seriously if you stand in a metro you would realize more than 75% people have their headphones on or they are playing games on their phones.. even when they are with someone; it makes me wonder about what happened to the days when you would talk to your friend instead of both friends standing side by side constantly typing on their phones.

What's the most annoying thing? People who seem to have missed the point of wearing a headphone because they have music blasting through it. Like seriously?! why would you want rest of the world to know what a bad taste in music you've got? I mean even if you would wanna listen to it just make sure not to force others to hear it. I guess a little consideration is all that I am looking for.. I've stopped myself plenty of times when I felt the urge of going to that person and choking their throat...

Overall, It is just interesting to notice so many different kinda of people.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So.. Its Not Bakwas

My friend checked out the previous entry and told me that whatever I've posted was not bakwas. So allow me to share some more of that..

Because Everyone likes to be pictured...

      An Evening in Hyderabad

 I. Heart. Old. Architecture. 

   I Love Sunsets 

Wires around the Masjid

   Another Sunset 

 Chilling like a Boss 

The Place where I spent a lot time of time during college 

The College itself, I love the rays of sun in it.. 

Walking around the Lake 

 Ceramic Paints 


  During a flight 

  Trying marco shot   

Paintbrushes that didn't turn out very well in this picture 
Ze Campus

The Shoes without which I wouldn't be able to walk outside to take these Photos :P

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here and There - bakwas

At Cafe Ceramique
Love colored glass
Mall of Emirates
Girls in Dubai
You just cannot have enough of Romance!

I've been meaning to write for quite sometime and I really have a lot to write about. Really lots. But this blog has so many readers and most of them know me personally; If I start ranting or talking about my feelings out here it might not really be a good idea because I know for a fact that whatever we read, see or hear has an impact on us. Perhaps I'd write about something that's not really right and perhaps someone might be encouraged to do it.. you know that kinda thing?

In other news, my interest is growing so much in photography and how I wish I can finally save enough to buy myself a DSLR! A friend recommended me to watch Nikon D3 and it had me drooling by the end of it. I mean seirously 16 FRAMES PER SECOND! It's crazyyy

ATM, I love my canon digi cam so I am just carrying it everywhere although I don't take much pictures with it.. I am still learning a lot.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Perfect Names of Allah


You know how I keep updating my notes and all because really you cannot truly love anybody without knowing them. So I just saw a really fantastic video of the Introduction of the series for Perfect Names of Allah that Brother Majed Mahmoud from Al-Maghrib Institute is starting here is the link

Also, I have started to read a really fantastic book it's titled ''Perfect Names of Allah'' by Dr. Umar S. Al-Ashqar. He has been a Professor in the Islamic University of Jordan and has retired in 2003. This book has a very simple approach and very easy to understand, It goes into more detail of the names than the other books that I have encountered. So I would say it should definitely be in your reading list. Although I haven't finished the book yet, I will still share some of the favorite quotes that I loved from this book below ;

Al - Khattabi explained the meaning of Al- Muhaymin as "the One Who bears witness over all that his creatures do or say. it was also said that Muhaymin means the Observer and Protector of every thing. [Sha'n ad-Dua, 46]

The best explanation of Muhaymin was the one proposed by Al-Gazali : He says that "Muhaymin means that Allah manages the affairs of His creatures and sustains their lives and all their affairs. this means that He is Aware of everything and dominates everything in the universe. Allah manages the affairs of all that exists, because He is All-knowing and His domination over everything is attributed to His Omnipotence.‎[Al-Maqsad al-Asna, page 55]

Al-Ghazali defined the name "Al-Jabbar" as "the One whose will is carried out by force on everybody and no one's will affects Him, He is the One Who controls everyone. No one can do Him any harm. Therefore, the Absolute Compeller is Allah, Who forces everyone, but no one can force Him" [Al-Maqsad al Asna, p. 57]

Al-Mutakabbir means the Most Great to Whom all glory belongs, the Supreme and Most High over His creatures and their attributes. "Kibriya" (glory and magnificence) means dominion and kingdom. it also means Perfect in self and existence. To Allah Alone may these qualities be ascribed. [Lisan al-Arab : 3/210]

Ibn al-Khattabi and Ibn al-Athir said "Al-Musawwir means the One who created His creatures in different forms and shapes so that they can identify eachother.'' [Sha'n ad-Dua p. 51 and Jami al-Usul 4/177]

Meaning of Al-Wahhab is the One Who bestows limitless gifts and things rewards, because He is the Owner of the heavens and earth and their treasures. He gives what He wills and this does not reduce the treasures of His Kingdom ♥