Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As salamualaykum my lovely readers!

A Big Eid Mubarak to all of you! Alhamdulillah for ramadan, so many things i have learnt this year in Ramadan and so many memorable moments that are spent with my lovely sisters. You know what? Inshallah, I am going to make a blog entry just for the Taraweeh Tales :)

Moving on, I spent my eid in Hyderabad today after like 3 years or so. The years when I was in college afrah and I would go around meeting other friends once the family meetings were done. Over the years it felt as if the Eids have changed for me or perhaps I have changed myself.

Growing up Eid-ul-Fitr was my most favorite Eid. We had all the extended family in town, the night before eid was full of buzz, the clothes being ironed, girls fretting about matching bangles and henna on their hands. Guys going around the hair cutting salons doing the last minute shopping.

Eid mornings - Our two bedroom apartment was quite modest in size so the cleaning could be taken care of in a short amount of time. The special ocassion sheets and curtains would be spread around the house, my mom going around waking us up. Especially my brother to ensure that he makes it for the eid prayer on time, making sure the water was warm in the morning as generally those years eid was during winter. I would wake up after my mother nagging me for at least half an hour to a house filled with the aroma of sheer kurma (the special sweet of eid!). As the day would progress I'd dress up in the Eid Dress feeling like the prettiest princess, Once my brother and my cousins would come home from the Eid Prayer I'd immediately start fishing for compliments from my elder and my only brother asking him constantly how I looked until he responded positive.

I would then go on the first floor to meet up my aunt and my best friend plus cousin, we'd meet up hugging each other complimenting on how pretty each of us looked and making plans for what to do when we get the Eidi and speculating how much Eidi we might end up making by the end of the Eid. We had 1 cousin brother who was around our age group, so we'd hurry to her balcony which was across the street to his, yell his name out loud until he would come in the balcony and once he'd come out we would rate if he looked smart enough or not. Then we'd rate how every one from our neighborhood looked like..

The day would then proceed with so much of sheer kurma that one point I'd feel like I've been on morphine because honestly this sweet is nothing more than an OPEN INVITATION for getting fat and drowsy. And if you live in a house that's obsessed about having the dry fruits in that sweet fried in ASLI GHEE then you are doomed! :P

By the afternoon side we would go around the colony, meeting other relatives. Alhamdulillah it was an easy access to my relatives as we all lived in the same colony. The important highlight of the day would be to go and meet Dadima (may allah bless her soul) , if that was delayed then we had to be assured of being in trouble. So around later afternoon or so, everyone would gather in her house, All my cousin brothers would be decked in white kurta pajamas, grinning and joking around. My sisters on the other hand looking all girly, with make up, matching bangles and accessories appropriate with their dresses.

In short, if you are blessed with 3 paternal aunts and 6 paternal uncles you would not even realize how the eid day can pass by. My mom's side of the family would usually be our last place to visit before the end of the day.

That was just a glimpse of the Eids that I used to have as a kid. Now, it's different, Life's changed and perhaps its for the best :)

Eid mubarak once again, May Allah swt accept all your deeds and prayers!

Friday, August 26, 2011

21 :)

Last night was one of the best nights of my life, I went to taraweeh here in hyd with my besties and then we hung out together and spent the most amazing time with them. I came home from there and this was waiting for me :)
courtesy : my brother and sister

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You are the end to my misery

All the pain I experienced, all the hurt that I felt.. those moments in which my heart was broken over and over again... which left me in the state of hopelessness and misery. I forgot the beauty behind it, I in my human nature forgot how this life is supposed to be, how there are going to be people who would not consider my feelings even for once. I forgot the beautiful part of all these problems, this hurt, this pain, that it's going to end soon.. All I need to be is just patient then I have my meeting with you. After which, there's going to be nothing but everlasting peace and happiness.
From now on, I'll try to bear anything in my life ya rabbi only because I have to look forward meeting you. You are the end to my misery

Monday, August 22, 2011

Friend Who Reach and Teach

As salamualaykum to you all :)

Last night, While I was discussing with someone about the way in which one should approach to another while letting them know about this deen and their duties as a muslim. Subhanallah, when i look back at myself, I realize and I am grateful for the kind of friends Allah SWT had sent in my life. They were sisters, with patience, who did not rush to judge me, but they were concerned. It felt strange that time, so strange that I would even avoid them wondering why they were being so nice to me. It was unusual and especially at that stage of my life, I secretly disliked every happy person, I was jealous of them being content and so patient even when someone would harm them.

I am not yet a full on perfect muslim, I still have my imperfections. But what these sisters did was not change me, they taught me with their words, actions and behavior that no matter what happens I can never lose hope with Allah SWT, that it's never too late, that I still had a chance to return back to my Lord... In a time when I almost gave up on the thought of ever being able to attain Jannah and yes that time I did not even know Verse 53 of Surah Zumar..They were there. Sometimes we are so busy in teaching or preaching somebody that we forget actually being there for them. Sometimes, all a person needs is another one to be there for them, to listen, to not judge, to advice and just be..

Ahamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen, He SWT guided me when I needed it the most, through these people who came in my life as his means of guiding me. Take my word, I speak from a lot of experience, Cherish the friends who help you get closer to Allah SWT, make dua for them. Sincerely like you would do for yourself. Don't forget them and move on. Remember them, Tell them how much you love them for the sake of Allah and be there for them when they need you. I know you all know the *Being friends* routine.. But like i always mention, whatever I write is a reminder for myself first before anyone else.

They are the people who reach out to you and who teach without actually teaching. May Allah SWT reward those sisters without measure for the patience they had shown to me and for the kind words they used to advice me with..

I do have many friends other than these sisters, who are also quite close to me and there were times when I would not seek these sister's advice because i knew they would not say what I would like to hear from them. The thing is very simple, these people are specal.

A loving and sincere shout out to Amina and SNQ

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is My Lord? Part 2 :)

He is my Protector; He is my Friend
Everything is just means and He is the End.
Nothing happens without his permission not a leaf falls from a tree,
The one free from any partners, The Most Exalted Is He!

He feeds all his creation without him being fed,
He gives life to the lands after they are dead
He feeds the birds who leave thier nests hungry in the morning
He is the one One who gives clear signs to the people of understanding

In it are glad tidings and also a warning
All his creation lives in harmony, so perfect is his planning!

He has given me the ability to write and recite
He is so full of mercy and so abundant in His Might
He turns the night into day and the day into night
He is the swift reckoner on a day with no respite

He creates life beautifully in different stages,
He pays his fearful slaves, unmeasurable wages
Everywhere around me, of His greatness are traces,
6 billion people in the world, all with different faces

With Him remains the knowledge of the unseen
He has seperated the sweet and the salty stream
HE is very merciful to those who sincerely repent
Those who ignore it then severe is He with punishment

Multiple rewards He has to be given away
But those who remain arrogant, He leads them astray
With just a sincere intention in my heart,
He helps me to give my life a new start..

He is the giver of peace, He is the One who heals
He knows how each and everyone of us feels..

He is the bestower of strenght in the times of Tumoil
He makes me cry so I that I know the value of a Smile
I am just a lowly slave with a Majestic Master
How sad is it that I call on him only during a disaster

Yet He turns towards me, to answer my call
He sends people to pick me up after I fall..
With his supremacy Nothing can EVER compete
This is My Lord, So perfect, So Loving,So Unique..

From Darkness Unto Light

You've brough me from Darkness unto Light,
How prefect are you! My Lord as a guide..
My heart that lived in nothing but despair
You healed it through your knowledge & care

My ignorance made me worship you like you are in my need,
i kept living a purposeless life without paying any heed..
I was enough for my ownself I started to believe
But You saved me before I was completely deceieved

How can I express to you My Rab in mere words, My sincere gratitude?
Indeed you're The One Who Guides, Of my Perfect Lord; a Perfect attribute

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who is My Lord?

Everything in my life is a blessing from my creator,
The one who creates life, The dominant - all maker
HE knows about everything in the heavens and the earth
From his Greatest creations to the small particles in the dirt

He blesses me with things that I need,
Even the ones about which I never speak
Its only His fear that causes me to weep
HE keeps forgiving me because I am weak

HE honors whom he wants and so does he humiliate
HE is the one who is ever willing to appreciate
Even the smallest of deeds that I do for His sake
I just need to turn back to him, no matter how grave the mistake.

He is the Lord of the Kingom, Majesty & Generosity
His help is all I need in the times of Adversity..
Nothing in this world matters, Except His Approval,
HE is my Lord, The Ever Living, The Eternal.

The One who answers me and chooses to look beyond my disobedience,
HE deals with me in a gentle manner with abundant amounts of patience
He is Especially Mericful, Yet He is The Most Just
He resurrects us all after we have turned into Dust

Perfection is His attribute and So is Self Sufficiency
He is aware of the struggles that go on within Me
On that day He will bless his slaves with his Mercy
When all his slaves will just say ''Nafsy, Nafsy''

Even if the entire world asks of Him everything they ever wished for
From wealth to health, to women, to children, to heavens and much more
It does not even effect the treasures of My Lord, not in the least bit
It will take fom His treasures as much as a needle takes after an ocean's dip

He is The Guide, He is The Light, He is The One, He is The Last
He knows about each one of us, Our present, Future and even Past
He rewards His Slaves with all that No ear has heard or no eye has seen,
He knows about What Is, What Has, What Will or What could have been

I get tired of worshipping Him but He never gets tired of rewarding me,
I am His slave and nothing is more beloved to me than this slavery..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shattered Somalia

A child is dying, A mother is crying,
With famine, the lands are drying..
Children and adults are starving to death,
While we are choosing different types of bread

How many more to die before we act,
I know it feels the best option is not to react

But this a call is not alien, it is for humanity,
Let's us wake up and try with Sincerity

Everything around us compels us so be selfish,
But just imagine giving 1 child back there a nutritional dish
Those people are imagining that we will help them
Don't we want to take an effort to fulfil their wish?

Help Somalia

The content of this post is taken from a friend's blog

People From the UAE

1) Etisalat Numbers only; Send an empty sms to 6212 to #donate 20 AED to starving people in #Somalia. And for 100 DHS send an empty SMS to 6215
Hashtags on twitter; #SharjahCharityInternational #UAE #ActforSomalia

2) Flea4Charity & Dubai Acts 4 East African Drought on Saturday the 6th of August 2011 to raise funds for the Somalian Crisis.Donate your unneeded clothes and accessories (must be in good condition) to help fundraise for the Dadaab Camp Crisis. Location; Stargate, Zabeel Park – Dubai, Entrance Gate 4
To Donate conact:Luz 050-9891461Jihad 050-1622716
Update: The next event is on 20th of August inshaAllah
For more on the event;

People From Kenya
3) A social campaign called Feed Kenya was started by my cousin. 10 days into it, and the results were as follows;
-Kshs.624,602.20/= from donors via Online, Mpesa and Airtel
-KAPA OIL REFINERIES LTD donated 1.5 Tones cooking oil worth 250,000/= (excl taxes)
The call is as follows; “WE can DO this together – We can show our strength as ONE – We can make a difference just as an individual. Your say counts, your participation counts, your heart counts and more your ACTION counts.
Sacrifice A Meal Today; Take pride, stand for Kenya and support FeedKE:
M-Pesa Paybill to ‘10,000’ Acc ‘feedke’
On Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke’ “
Hashtag on twitter: #Feedke

4) Safaricom and company. Individual donations to the fund are being made either through cash or cheque deposits into KCB bank account number 1133333338 or via mobile money transfer system M-Pesa on Pay Bill number 111111. As written in the news article [3], “The minimum contribution via M-Pesa has been pegged at Sh10, with service charges waived as the mobile provider hopes to cash in on its large subscriber base to make the cause a success”
twitter: #kenyans4kenya @kenyans4kenya

For other people from the rest of the world, you can donate online through Islamic Relief. Visit the following websites
Take action, and make a difference. The least you can do is spread the word on twitter, facebook, and to your friends.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I would want for myself, I would want for others

Yesterday my best friend and I were having a conversation about my overly expressive love for people. It's pretty much like If i love someone I would make a point to let them know atleast a few times in a week :P

And, I have this insane idea of whatever I would want for myself, even others would want that. For example If in a situation I wouldn't want to be left alone, I presume that all my friends would want the same and I would not leave their side until they pretty much kick me out of there..

I honestly do believe that it is important to express the love you feel for the cherished people in my life. Although, some of them seriously think I am a total EMO :P but hey, who cares! I wouldn't change my awesome self , EVER :D