Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Letter to my heart

You've been broken before yet you don't understand

You give yourself back to the very same hand

Why Don't you realize you are better than this?

Is it the agony caused by the one you love that you miss?

It's not the first time and certainly it won't be last,

My silly heart do you ever learn from your past?

Don't go away when I try to give you reason

People change these days just like a season

Why must you be the creator of your own pain?

Whoever you love will just break you again and again.

Please Keep yourself where you are supposed to be,

In Remembrance of Allah, The Most exatled is He.


  1. Dil tuo paggal hai.
    It's full of love, emotions and desires.
    This dil (heart), most of the time remains misaligned with reality.
    In fact, Heart needs your love and care--not letter.
    On the contrary, your "sweet heart" may be satisfied with your love-letter.

  2. Subhanallah sister! Absolutely loved it!!

  3. May allah swt make it beneficial for both of us :)