Monday, December 26, 2011


I belong to this city - Hyderabad. I have grown up here and spent the time in summer evenings playing with the kids in the lane. Savoring snacks after the sunset, going around the colony with my mother for grocery shopping and occasionally eating the Best Butter Chicken known to mankind which is only here in Hyderabad. The city is famous for its Biryani and it comes as no doubt that if a person who is from this city is introduced to other kind of biryanis the only words coming from their mouths would be that of criticism. I am really bragging but if you haven't had Hydro Food then you haven't had actual awesome food :P

Many people are unaware of the fact that this city was the biggest monarch empire of the Indian territory in its time and it was not always a part of the Indian territory. To put it simply, It was snatched from Nizams who were a part of the Mughal Empire and who decided to stay back while the empire left. We had our own currency and it was the richest in the world at that time. Over the years the city is welcoming all kinds of people from across the country thanks to the IT boom. In my opinion we should have like a state or city permit but my mom labels such wishful thinking as extreme kind of thinking.

The city has finest architecture when it comes to the historical places like the Golconda Fort, Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Falaknuma Palace to name a few. The love of Urdu poetry still exists in the veins of this city although it is not as it used to be earlier. Over time it has reduced and like rest of the country who really appreciates lyrical art these except a few?

The language is also distorted :P oops I mean is also adjusted with the Deccani Lingo which sure is fun to talk and converse with if you are a hydro but if you are not then it kinda bounces over your head. Somehow most ''smart'' people think that Deccani is only limited to ''hau'' and ''nakko''. I really feel like laughing when rest of the Indians stereotype Hyderabadi people as just people who say ''hau'' and ''nakko''

I love this city and I am actually proud to be from here. Perhaps if the Nizam could stop listening to his sold out advisors we would still be a Culturally and Financially Rich Empire then again perhaps we would have encountered some other problems.. oh well my point is ''If you love Hyderabad : You Just simply love Hyderabad''


  1. Hey! How are you? Nice post on Hyderabad, looks like someone's missing home.

  2. mehmuda - I am in hyderabad right now, will leave this weekend.

  3. awww i am a hydi myself! and i soo loved your blog :D
    god bless!!