Monday, April 23, 2012

Holding on to the Good

A Big Hellooo to my readers along with the greetings of Peace! I apologize for the lack of new notes on the blog it's just that I have been on and off with the classes due to some personal reasons and just had some food for thought lingering in my mind for quite sometime wanting to be shared here on blogsphere.

A friend of mine has been having quite a lot of low points in eman these days just like the rest of us her eman also keeps going high and low to the point where she complains like she's been too long on this roller coaster ride. So the other day we were talking about Hijab and she exasperated ''Whats the point of me doing this? I am not even a Good Muslim''. Sometimes we reach to such low points in our eman that we constantly keep questioning whatever little amount of good we are doing..That's the time we really arrive on a point from where we just want to give up and can find ourselves constantly asking ''how much more?'' and to answer, just a little bit.

In my humble opinion, everyone regardless of how bad they are or how many sins they do, they should hold on to that one good thing or things in them because it is through that one thing that they can find their way back into the faith and grow into it. About my friend, despite whatever she did, she didn't leave her hijab and it was only a matter of time before she realized that she had to stop doing whatever she was, get a hold on yourself and establish her heart back into the beautiful deen that we have.


  1. Very nicely stated about holding on to that one good thing cause you never know and that one good thing could be the one loved by GOD himself.
    I believe only those faiths are tested by GOD which are worthy of the test. To hold on to your belief amidst other sins and difficulties is an achievement in it self. But having said that, one should constantly try to eliminate other sins also.

  2. farhanj : jazakallah khayr for reading and sharing your input. I agree.