Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Live to Eat

My love for food is probably the strongest when it comes to loving non-living things. So it comes as no surprise if I have about a million stories to share with you guys about my love affair with food. I honestly would like to try all different kinds of cuisines, but my problem is that I am the kind of person who is not a fan of change and who loves things just the way they are for ages to come, it does not bother me if I have the same thing everyday as long as it is tasty according to me. Perhaps after few years, I'd be bored but nothing before that.

When I had passed my grade 10 exams I had received this ENORMOUS box of chocolates that my uncle had gifted me. They were just so MANY! and I took it on myself to finish the box as quickly as I can but I even wanted to cherish them, so I questioned myself to ask what did I love just as much as I loved food? It was sleep! So I combined my chocolates along with my bed time, I just had to ensure that my father had no idea about this or else he would have made me brush my teeth 50 times for even thinking such a thing. The best part about that summer was my new night suits that had two massive pockets on them, so I would go to the fridge at the night, take the chocolates and fill my pockets with them, go to the bed with my favorite ducky sheet, and fall asleep while eating chocolates... ah best feeling ever, i tell you!

Looking at how the happiness and sadness in my life revolved around food my mother looked at me one day sighing and said ''People eat to live, but you, you LIVE to EAT'' to which I had replied ''Of course ma, have you seen there are just SO many yumm food out there, it would be sheer in justice if they are not taken care of!'' to which she nodded her head walking away :P


  1. Loll I know quite a few people like you. Actually I live with a couple like that. :p
    You should try chocolate covered strawberries. They are my favorite! Easy to make by yourself at home too! :)

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