Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Steps

Life teaches us many Lessons and many times we trip over the same rock and despite getting our share of lessons, we still end up making the same mistakes. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it is the time for New Beginnings.

Today, I recieved my books for the Chartered Accountancy exam that I'm planning to give. And, MAN! Did they scare me?! They are 5 FAT books comprising of Fundamentals of Accounting, Merchantile Law, Quantitative Aptitude, General Economics and Model Papers. If i was actively studying for the past 2 years then these books may have seemed pretty normal to me. Unfortunately, I have not, so the very first sight of these books gave me jitters making me question my choice of resuming my studies after this long 2-year break. Perhaps, i should have just been the way i was.

Then, one deep breath. It is scary, I may even fail, But i am going to give my best shot. I promised myself to treat myself with love, commitment and doing things which are good for me. You know sometimes you eat a medicine even though you don't really like the taste of it? Yeah, well for me these New Beginnings are just like that. They scare me, make me feel that i am pretty incapable but I need to take these risks to bring the much needed change in my life so that 5 years later i don't look at my life and wonder ''Maybe i should have tried it''.

So, I have started taking my Baby Steps towards improving my life. And I know I am not really capable of doing all of it on my own. I am pretty sure I cannot do anything until I get some help from My Lord (swt)... and Inshaallah I hope I get it.

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