Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dolce Far Niente

Today, the wheather is exceptionally pleasant. In the morning, while i was on my way to work. I was just wondering to myself ''Why do I have to work Today?! Why in this wheather?!'' cause trust me you would not find such cold, breezy days in this country very often.
I took a 5-minute break in the morning and allowed myself to go out of the office and enjoy the wheather. While i was enjoying the cool breeze, at the same moment my thoughts were concerned about how i would miss it in the afternoon or perhaps tomorrow when it is no longer like this. Thats the moment when i was contemplating about the fear of losing a moment while you are still living in it, it gave me a spiritual high.
You know why? Well, when i realized this fear, i closed my eyes and made a small prayer to God to let the wheather stay like at least until today afternoon. Then i was contemplating upon the promise of God in the Quran in which he talks about bestowing the believers with paradise. A place where one can have whatever he/she may want, all wishes and desires fulfilled. Eternal bliss without any fear of any moment fleeting away without one's wish or will. Thats what inspired me today, no fear of any moment fleeting away... everybody talks about 'living in the moment' but eventually it passes away, its not a permanent feeling. But, when i think of paradise and God's promise which is 100% true, it inspires me.
Previously, my inspiration to try to work for paradise was derived from the fact that i would be able to see prophet (saws) and I would be able to have the best BUTTER CHICKEN in the universe :P (talk about crazy aspirations) but NOW i found another reason why i need to work hard to get in to paradise! I can have the most amazing wheather as long as i want, It can be summer, It can be winter, It can be breezy and just stay that way :D

Eventually, i decided to go out of the office area and have lunch at a restaurant facing a beach. I troubled my friends and they were more than sweet in entertaining my unacceptable-last minute demand. While i was waiting for my order to arrive at the table, i looked at the beach, the water, it was just so serene and by merely looking at it, in that moment i felt relaxed, like no tension exists it was just ''Dolce Far Niente'' (the sweet idleness)
It made me think of paradise again, one its famous descriptions ''Gardens underneath which rivers flow'' i was imagining how would it look like? If i can be so relaxed just by looking at a beach from a distance, how would it feel to look at those rivers?
P.s. the other picture is just the place where i had my lunch today :) it looks much better in this wheather :P


  1. awwwwwwww, thank you for sharing!! You transported your feelings to me <3 Quite inspiring!

  2. Haha, I love you! you actually rushed to read it, didnt you? :P <3 i lub u