Sunday, March 13, 2011

Complaining Looks So Silly - Right NOW

''Ashish Nehra is a Great Bowler'' I beamed looking at the TV where an India vs South Africa was taking place yesterday. It is the ICC WorldCup Time and We, The Indians go total GAGA over it including myself. It was the 49th over of the 50 overs match.

''He cannot do well under pressure'' Mamu commented. I looked at him shocked.

''I've been seeing him since I was a child and He is great like a Rajdhani Express'' I defended.

I was very confident after 48th over when Zaheer Khan gave a really tough over and South Africa was not able to score so well. It was just a matter of another 6 balls and I was so sure India is the winner. Unfortunately, turns out Ashish Nehra was a great bowler just during my childhood or so it looked like.

South Africa took singles, How i hated looking at batsmen running back and forth between the wickets. The final blow came when they hit 1 boundary and it was where I started complaining about Nehra, I was surprised at how it took me just few runs to change my opinion about him from a great bowler to a really bad one. Eventually, South Africa won the game in a style that I like for India which is by scoring a boundary. India Lost and I was upset.

We were at the dinner table when I started complaining ''They have all taken money, They are just into endorsements these days! THIS is why I don't watch matches, I get too depressed when we lose''

And mind you, I was indeed very upset. It was as though somebody had taken my honor and given it to somebody else. While I was contemplating upon India's loss, my thoughts drifted to what else is happening around the world. It was you-can-say a defining moment for me because here I was complaining about the last over of the match while People around the world are suffering with Horrendous Tyrants as their Rulers, while people else where in the world are being afflicted by natural disasters, while people are searching for the dead bodies of their kids, mourning over lost houses, lost loved ones.

Complaining these days is really silly, petty, and crazy. If I can even think of my BIGGEST problem, compared to the things happening to people around the world, it is NOTHING! I would be a totally self-centred person dare I complain much now. (yes, I am human I cannot completelty abandon it, but I am trying)

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