Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Listens, He Cares

As salamualaykummm!! :D Okay, so it was just about 6 hours ago when I last posted here. I was in a sad, depressing, totally pessimistic mood. Pessimism? Yes. I keep becoming hopeless now and then and YES I know we are muslims!! Can't afford to be all frowning, we gotta be cheerful, happy, positive like a very happy bunny! :P And.... NO, I haven't had an overdose of sugar, It's too early in the morning for that, about 7 am? You see, last night after posting the post with an uplifting hadith.

Mr. Shaytan was able to mess around my mind too much and kept reminding me what a messed up case i was, so on and so forth. And man oh man, Did He make my heart go through SOME unrest. My gtalk was on that time, when I was on the laptop feeling all glum and sad. I have a contact with whom i have had a chat just ONCE (don't ask me why i keep such people in my list, they just are hehe) and this person is always online. So I noticed the status message of this person It was a name of a website.. have you heard of Tayyibaat? I did too, just a month ago!

So I see the word on his status and I go like 'hmm, long time I haven't checked out this website' because the last time I was checking it out there was a post on Allah SWT's name and attribute called Al-Lateef. And It WAS PLAIN AWESOMENESS. So I go there, noticed that they started 'Righteous Muslim Women Series' and I scroll down further to find a post titled '22 Ways Allah is Al Lateef'. I start reading it and It hit home. It provided such peace.. it is beyond the scope of mere adjectives. But it was not exactly at that moment that I felt peace, I could appreciate the ways with which He is Al-Lateef.

But What really hit me, was the fact that SubhanAllah, before actually turning towards Allah SWT I was trying to reach a friend, and cry it out. She was not there, I then shared my thoughts with Him and how I feel so bad about myself, Like I am a loser and stuff. So when I checked out that wonderful uplifting post on Tayyibaat, I knew it is Allah SWT who directed my attention towards the one word Tayyibaat, So I then checked the website again, found the post, felt uplifted. Don't trust my word? Really! I am tellin' you just share all your struggles with Allah SWT and He will make out ways of help for you which you may have Never Ever Imagined of.

P.s. If you don't know what I am talking about go on this website


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I just love this post. Especially since it came right after the one before it. You can see 'the change in attitude'.

    I am sure it was Allah who directed you to it :)

  2. *BLUSH* hehe, yes alhamdulillahh i figured out in the morning after 6 hours (yes im quite slow) that me going on the website and feeling peaceful , it was all Allah swt's plan :D <3

  3. I totally agree with you sis! There's nothing, absolutely nothing that uplifts you better than sharing all your troubles with Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala.

    I used to feel frustrated, thinking that there was no one who really "gets" me. Close friends and family are there, but sometimes something that would seem like a big deal to me would be stupid and silly to others. So there was a time that I thought nobody really understands me!

    But then it struck me! There was The One who would totally completely "get" me and understand me! My Creator was there for me first and foremost, then why was I searching amongst His creations? Right?

    So now I end up having ultra-looooong sharing sessions with Allah subhanahu wa ta'aal. Lol, I tell Him everything from the tiniest silly thing to the most significant important thing. The feeling you get after is indescribable!! Such utter peace al-hamdulillahi! Because you KNOW with utmost conviction that His help will come!! :)

    So sis, next time something troubles you and you feel all glum, just wait for the next Salah time and unburden everything and make du'aa! Masha Allah you fill feel amazing when you finish! I do! :)

  4. Seriously zahu, when I think of the number of times I chose to spill out my despair and pain in front of the creation and not my creator. It kinda sucks.

    I remember answering all the 'how are you's? in 'I am ok, i think' or 'yeah im fine' but for past few weeks i just go like 'Im FANTASTIC' alhamdulillah and people have such difficult time understanding where that energy is coming from. Just last night when I was speaking to an old friend on mine and she kept asking me 'why am i fantastic , am i going to get married?' LOL!

    SO i told that im blessed, i got food, i got home, compared to everyone around i am blessed so ima happy soul. :P Poor thing, it was too much for her to absorb considering that she knows me for a LONG time and I am famous for my complaining skills and sulkful behavior ;)

    So now about those long conversations? ;) isn't it really nice? heehe im stil tryna get a habit of that :D might use some quick tips from ya!

  5. wooww! and well, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, may Allay reward you lots lots lots! I so needed the website! :D

    awesomeness only it is!