Sunday, February 19, 2012

People of Syria

O people of syria be patient for your time will come
When the dictator will have nowhere to run
He will pay for everything that he's done
Be it Harrassing you or killing your loved one 

For some people you are just numbers while they live each day normally
Denying your struggles and battles that end brutally
For some people you are their reason to pray
Your blood has turned their worlds grey..

They don't know you yet they cry for your loss
Their hearts anxiously turn and toss
I know it hurts but hold firm to your belief
Allah is witnessing your tears and grief

He knows when the hospitals were turned into torture centres
He will remember even if nobody remembers 
He knows when you have lost your husband or son
He knows the shots taken from the bullets of a gun

He will take account of all those who are unjust
They will beg and plead to disappear into dust
But right now their hearts are covered with rust
Which is why they played around with your trust

I know its been more than a year
Just hold on tight the end is near
When you will have only Allah to fear
Nothing is wasted of you not even a tear


  1. Tabarak Allah, this is an amazing poem. Very nicely written.

    I really enjoyed reading it as it gives you an idea of what's happening as well as includes those who're ignorant and stay ignorant.

  2. jazakallah khayr for stopping by bu thyab - it really is a sad state. may Allah help them.