Sunday, February 19, 2012

POEM - You just don't have a reason to complain

If you are secure in your home and city
If your basic needs don't depend on someone's pity
If your house has sufficient food and grain
Then you just don't have a reason to complain

If you wake up every morning without the fear of being shot
if your neighbourhood hasn't become bomber's favorite spot
Then here's just a crazy wild thought
Be thankful atleast for what you got

Things happen in our lives but with time they do fall into place
Not too far from us live people patiently waiting for days
They still thank god in their praise
While we think ours is the worst case

Let's just wake up it is about time,
Leave behind all that silly whine
If you see what each person is strugglin with
you will love your struggles and begin to adore it

So when you think your life is too sad
Just take a deep breath and rethink that
There's someone feelin it more than you
But they are staying strong and pulling through

If you haven't experienced such agony and pain
Then by Allah you have no reason to complain
Just remember your blessings ; count them again
You will find not even one reason to complain

For if every complain nullified a blessing a huge part will still remain
Now you know why you don't have a reason to complain


  1. Tabarak Allah, another amazing poem.

    Very true indeed :)

  2. jazakallah khayr bu thyab - i've read your work too and it's very impressive to say the least.