Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Istanbul - Things to do

Here are the list of things that you should try out when you are in Istanbul;

1. Check out Basilica Cistern

2. Go to the asian side of turkey as most tourist places are in the european side. It is also called as anatolian side. Take a ferry or a bus over the bosphorus.

3. Go to the princes' islands, no cars are allowed on these islands and they offer great cafes and shopping destinations. Take the ferry to there and keep the bosphorus optional. Rent a bicycle when you are there to discover the area or a horse carriage whatever works.

4. Eat an iskander kebab. 

6. Visit grand bazar, hagia sophia musuem, suleymaniye mosque, blue mosque, Give one day to sultan ahmet area but do not spend all the days over there.  

Topkapi Palace — closed on Tuesday
St. Sophia — closed on Monday
Dolmabahce Palace — closed on Monday & Thursday
Grand Bazaar — closed on Sunday
The Spice Market — closed on Sunday

7. Walk in the old city.

8.Eat at Sultanahmet Köfteçisi - 90 year old local place for great koftas.
9. Spend time around galata bridge
10. Start early
11. Instead of Topkapi palace check out the Dolambahce palace. The topkapi isn't all that great you can find similar buildings around unless you are into history, which we are not.
12. Avoid taxis and fix the price before getting in.
13. Have sweets at the Mado cafe
14. Go to Istikal Cadessi
15. Suggested Restaurants by turksih locals
  • Lades Menemen (Taksim): Menemen
  • Gaziantep Döner Lahmacun (Göztepe): Döner and Lahmacun
  • Otantik (Kadıköy & Taksim): Manti
  • Express İnegöl Köfte (Kadıköy): İnegöl Köfte
  • Adapazarı Islama Köfte (Kadıköy): Islama Köfte
  • Ciya (Kadıköy): Mumbar, çiğ köfte
  • Dicle Balık (Kadıköy): Whiting Fish and Calamary
  • Nizam Pide (Taksim): Pide
  • Manda Batmaz (Taksim): Turkish coffee
  • Çikolata Dükkanı (Kadıköy/Moda): Chocolate
  • Köyüm Pide (Kadıköy/Moda): Pide
  • Ali Usta Dondurma (Kadıköy/Moda): Ice cream
  • Num Num (Kanyon Shopping Mall): Schnitzel
  • Tatlıses Lahmacun (Cevahir Shopping Mall & Kağıthane): Lahmacun and çiğköfte
  • Ufuklar Dürümcübey (Sahrayıcedid): Dürüm
  • VİP İşkembe (Bahçelievler): Soup
  • Hacıbozanoğulları (Bahçelievler): Kebab with Pistachio and Perde Pilav
  • Bursa Çiçek Köfte (Beşiktaş): Köfte
  • Manolya Pastanesi (Gayrettepe & Göztepe & Sahrayıcedid): Profiterol
  • Pelit Pastanesi (Sahrayıcedid): Cakes
  • Emiroğlu Baklava (Sahrayıcedid): Baklava and Börek
  • Yeniköy Balık Ekmek (Yeniköy): Fish and Bread
  • Eylül Pastanesi (Sahrayıcedid): Brownie
  • Marmaris Büfe (Sahrayıcedid): Kazandibi

16.Enjoy the view from Galata Tower, Camlica Hill 
17. Visit archaeological musuems - Cinili Kosk
18. Visit the Chora church (kariye muzesi) known for its amazing byzanite mosaics.
19. Walk across the galati brige and the new metro bridge which has an amazing view of the suleymaniye mosque.
20. Visit balat; beautiful colorful apartments, synagogues, churches known for its jewish and christian minorities.
21. Take photos and lean in.