Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dedicated to My Gem of a Friend

You laughh on me whenYou diss me,
But when im away, you miss me.
You make me jealous with your status updates,
Even then, to meet u, my heart anxiously awaits.

I don't have to say you just know my mood,
How you've learnt that art, i never understood.
You laugh thinking about the good times we had,
When i do some stupidity, boy! are you mad?!

But you are awesome so you let go everytime,
Thinking of the first of 70 excuses in your mind ;)
When we fight and woah!!!!!!! thats not pretty,
Your humor is beyond my scope of understanding and witty :P

Despite all the things mentioned above,
You've always dealt with me, with love.
So this is no tribute, no good-bye speech :P
I hereby promise to stick by u like a leech :D

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