Sunday, January 30, 2011

There's no Need for Speed - No seriously :|

We see them in the masjid or even in a prayer room,

The ones who after they say ‘’Allahu akbar’’, they ZOOM!

Salaah seems to be like a hindrance in our daily life,

Just get done it with it, for perfection why must we strive?

So what if our God has practically given us everything?

Oh that famous song,how could we not sing?!

We say minor bad words, but HELLO! Even that’s verbal abuse,

‘’Hey! Atleast I Pray!’’ that’s our best excuse.

Salaah is supposed to bring our souls much needed peace,

But if the imam is reciting longer surahs, there starts our unease.

5 minutes is avergae, 10 minutes – man that’s too long,

Shouldn’t we thank The One, to whom we belong?

Pause, breathe, enjoy the conversation with your Lord,

The One who has prepared for us the best of reward.

Imagine, standing before him, would you stil rush?

Think about the peace, the jannah, gardens so lush.

What if this is the last prayer of your life?

Imagine, the angel of death by your side.

Would you still choose the shortest chapter to recite?

Would you still rush your prayer, but stay awake on your PC all night?

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