Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting Someone You Never Met

Sometimes, I end up missing someone I haven't even met in my real life. I know it sounds very psycho, but I do. I have a list of people I haven't met that I really miss sometimes, and If I don't miss them then I end up meeting them in my dreams ;

There's this person called A, I have gotten to know her during a very difficult time of my life via the sweet sweet internet. I disclosed to her the things I have never disclosed to anyone in my life. And I know for a fact that it was not just that I felt safe writing all that to her behind a screen but it is this sort of connection that just happened naturally, like it does when you know someone forever.. So, there are many times when I wish I could meet this person, and till now I've met her twice in my dreams :P

Then there's H, I loved her style of blogging and then we started exchanging emails about our common love (read : books).. so the other day when I was at a bookstore I ended up thinking about her..and kind of missing her. Weird, much?

I met many other people in my dreams that I haven't met in my real life..I never forget about those dreams.

I used to wish for dreams about my best friend afrah, because I missed her so much and when they did I would wake up smiling. I know it's kinda weird, but I feel happy that at least I've met them in my dreams...It becomes very easy to enjoy the dream if i can have a face with that person's name but well nevertheless its a different experience all the time.

It's not always rosy and flowery though, I end up even dreaming about people I hate and when I wake up, I wake up mad.. Thankfully, these dreams are less compared to the ones about meeting the people I like.


  1. I wuvvvvvvvvvvvv you! And I miss you!!!! :)

    inshaAllah you will get to meet A ;) and H :D

    You know, I used to write to be friends with a sister for 4 years online and I really did end up meeting her :) Actually, that's happened to me twice.

    So...inshaAllah :)

  2. I agree with you. I've missed people I never met. Allah will give us what's best.

  3. Little Auntie, I hope I have a similar experience like you do, because most of all I wanna meet this A girl, she's such a chick I tell you!

    Fida : Ameen to the Dua :D and good to know I am not the only one out there ;)

  4. "i miss someone that i never met" wow so moving and deep =)

    n thts so true sub7ana Allah, sometimes i get lost in my day dreams n then my eyes water and sigh and a smile...
    who am i missing? who am i waitn for? i dont know, but i know tht i cant wait to meet them!!