Sunday, June 26, 2011


Last weekend, I discovered a place that is very much the kind of place I like to hang out at.. Its got books, free wi-fi although I must admit they don't have a bigg variety of books but most of them are on philosopy and photography I think. They have a cafe, that place really reminds me of good old school cafeterias.

I felt inspired after a long time to start writing again.. I watched an award winning documentary about the lower caste in the northern side of India. In Hindus, they have higher and lower castes specially in the villages and remote areas, the lower castes are regarded as untouchable..

Spent the day walking around the place and hanging out with my brother. I am sure many people here know about it :P but hey I just discovered it. It's the Pavillion in Downtown Burj Dubai..

Next, weekend they are playing a very interesting documentary about an old man who likes to collect memories from his daily life and how this changes after he falls sick and has a new gate keeper to take care of him, now this gatekeeper likes to do things in a different way.

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  1. the place looks awesome!

    and the Ramadan countdown timer is amazing! :D