Thursday, July 14, 2011

The easy way to enter Jannah?


As salaamualaykum my lovely people!

Jannah, a place of delight where no ill feelings we shall feel,

No humanly form, no hurt, no wound to ever heal..

Meeting up with our Rabb and each of us having our personal talk,

Imagine having wings and not having to walk!

Imagine, Your Creator informing you HE will never be angry with you,

Imagine meeting Prophet Muhammed (saws) saying *peace be onto you*

To be honest, I can keep writing my poem, but this is not what I intend to write today. That was just to pump up some excitement. Most of us, Love Jannah and want to be there, but sometimes we just wish if we could escape the questioning on the Day of Judgement because I don't know about you, but I would never want to talk about my deeds :

So the below mentioned information is an excerpt from the book I am currently reading (you should totally buy it if you find it!), Its titled ''Slaves of the All-Merciful'' by Mohsen Shaker al-Bayoumi.

So, are you ready?? :D Inshallah;


Asma' bint Yazid related the Prophet (saws) said : ''On the Day of Rising the people will be gathered in one line and the call will come : 'Where are the people who forsook their beds?' They will come and there will be only a few of them, and they will enter Paradise without being questioned about their past deeds. Affter they have entered Paradise, Allah will order all the rest of the people to come for questioning.'' (Ibn Abi Hatim, and Ibn Kathir in his tafsir)

Who would not want to be one of those fortunate people who enter the Garden without being questioned about their deeds in this world? What can we do to be among these people? In his book Ihya ulum ad-din, Abdul Hamid al-Ghazali has given some advice concerning the inner and outer qualities which help a person to stand before Allah SWT, in prayer at night. He advised us about the four outer aspects;

1. Do not eat or drink too much as it will make you sleepy

2. Do not tire yourself out during the day doing something that has no value

3. Take a midday nap if it is possible

4. Do not commit any wrong actions during the day or Allah will prevent you from standing in prayer at night

The Prophet (saws) said; ''Stand before your Lord in prayer during the night, because it was the practice of our righteous predecessors. It draws you near to Allah and erases your wrong actions. It prevents a man from wrong actions and his body from sickness'' (Ahmad and At- Tirmidhi)

May Allah increase our Iman and grant that we are among those who regularly perform the night prayers. Ameen


  1. Allahuma ameen =) jazkai Allah khyrn

  2. Salaams , I recently purchased this book in Dubai by chance .. I started reading a month later .. Only have read the first 2 chapters & I agree with you it is a great book to reawaken urself. I found ur blog by chance when searching the net about the author & I second ur recommendation.
    Salaams and jazaki Allah khairan

    1. Walaykum as salam abir, waiyyaki :) great to have you around

  3. Assalamu Alaikum, when it said "THE PEOPLE WHO PRAY IN THE NIGHT HAVE A HIGH STATUS IN BOTH THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT" AND "Where are the people who forsook their beds?' which salah is it talking about? Isha and Fajr?