Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Perfect Names of Allah


You know how I keep updating my notes and all because really you cannot truly love anybody without knowing them. So I just saw a really fantastic video of the Introduction of the series for Perfect Names of Allah that Brother Majed Mahmoud from Al-Maghrib Institute is starting here is the link

Also, I have started to read a really fantastic book it's titled ''Perfect Names of Allah'' by Dr. Umar S. Al-Ashqar. He has been a Professor in the Islamic University of Jordan and has retired in 2003. This book has a very simple approach and very easy to understand, It goes into more detail of the names than the other books that I have encountered. So I would say it should definitely be in your reading list. Although I haven't finished the book yet, I will still share some of the favorite quotes that I loved from this book below ;

Al - Khattabi explained the meaning of Al- Muhaymin as "the One Who bears witness over all that his creatures do or say. it was also said that Muhaymin means the Observer and Protector of every thing. [Sha'n ad-Dua, 46]

The best explanation of Muhaymin was the one proposed by Al-Gazali : He says that "Muhaymin means that Allah manages the affairs of His creatures and sustains their lives and all their affairs. this means that He is Aware of everything and dominates everything in the universe. Allah manages the affairs of all that exists, because He is All-knowing and His domination over everything is attributed to His Omnipotence.‎[Al-Maqsad al-Asna, page 55]

Al-Ghazali defined the name "Al-Jabbar" as "the One whose will is carried out by force on everybody and no one's will affects Him, He is the One Who controls everyone. No one can do Him any harm. Therefore, the Absolute Compeller is Allah, Who forces everyone, but no one can force Him" [Al-Maqsad al Asna, p. 57]

Al-Mutakabbir means the Most Great to Whom all glory belongs, the Supreme and Most High over His creatures and their attributes. "Kibriya" (glory and magnificence) means dominion and kingdom. it also means Perfect in self and existence. To Allah Alone may these qualities be ascribed. [Lisan al-Arab : 3/210]

Ibn al-Khattabi and Ibn al-Athir said "Al-Musawwir means the One who created His creatures in different forms and shapes so that they can identify eachother.'' [Sha'n ad-Dua p. 51 and Jami al-Usul 4/177]

Meaning of Al-Wahhab is the One Who bestows limitless gifts and things rewards, because He is the Owner of the heavens and earth and their treasures. He gives what He wills and this does not reduce the treasures of His Kingdom ♥