Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here and There - bakwas

At Cafe Ceramique
Love colored glass
Mall of Emirates
Girls in Dubai
You just cannot have enough of Romance!

I've been meaning to write for quite sometime and I really have a lot to write about. Really lots. But this blog has so many readers and most of them know me personally; If I start ranting or talking about my feelings out here it might not really be a good idea because I know for a fact that whatever we read, see or hear has an impact on us. Perhaps I'd write about something that's not really right and perhaps someone might be encouraged to do it.. you know that kinda thing?

In other news, my interest is growing so much in photography and how I wish I can finally save enough to buy myself a DSLR! A friend recommended me to watch Nikon D3 and it had me drooling by the end of it. I mean seirously 16 FRAMES PER SECOND! It's crazyyy

ATM, I love my canon digi cam so I am just carrying it everywhere although I don't take much pictures with it.. I am still learning a lot.


  1. Cafe Ceramique is a cosy place!

    Try getting a second-hand at Sometimes you get good deals there, I've personally brought a second-hand semi-professional camera from on there for a really good price and it works well.

  2. Yea it is quite cozy and quiet. I am just so skeptical about buying a semi professional camera.. It just doesn't feel quite right. Tell me how is your experience with it so far?