Monday, January 16, 2012

People in the train

Metro Station
If you travel in a metro train everyday to work, you can quite identify what I am writing about -

I've noticed that sometimes I really like travelling in a metro because I get to observe a lot of different people ; some are quite annoying; some are intriguing and some just are.

I have a ear-to-ear smile when I see people pulling a book out of their bags for the journey. No really, it makes me so happy that even in a city like Dubai in which people are always rushing about one thing or another some people really take the effort to stay in touch with reading the good old paperback books. My another favorite memory is of an old woman knitting throughout the journey and my least favorite is the set of people who use their laptops or tablets on the train. I must admit I've done it too twice but that's only during my last day before a holiday..

You can find a bunch of tourists on a train, young kids with their friends, a bunch of girls with shopping bags, students in their uniforms.. and much more. Most of the people have something in common - they have headphones on and seriously if you stand in a metro you would realize more than 75% people have their headphones on or they are playing games on their phones.. even when they are with someone; it makes me wonder about what happened to the days when you would talk to your friend instead of both friends standing side by side constantly typing on their phones.

What's the most annoying thing? People who seem to have missed the point of wearing a headphone because they have music blasting through it. Like seriously?! why would you want rest of the world to know what a bad taste in music you've got? I mean even if you would wanna listen to it just make sure not to force others to hear it. I guess a little consideration is all that I am looking for.. I've stopped myself plenty of times when I felt the urge of going to that person and choking their throat...

Overall, It is just interesting to notice so many different kinda of people.

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