Thursday, January 12, 2012

So.. Its Not Bakwas

My friend checked out the previous entry and told me that whatever I've posted was not bakwas. So allow me to share some more of that..

Because Everyone likes to be pictured...

      An Evening in Hyderabad

 I. Heart. Old. Architecture. 

   I Love Sunsets 

Wires around the Masjid

   Another Sunset 

 Chilling like a Boss 

The Place where I spent a lot time of time during college 

The College itself, I love the rays of sun in it.. 

Walking around the Lake 

 Ceramic Paints 


  During a flight 

  Trying marco shot   

Paintbrushes that didn't turn out very well in this picture 
Ze Campus

The Shoes without which I wouldn't be able to walk outside to take these Photos :P

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  1. Hey Assalamualykum. Very creative photos! Love em all. Post more pics!!