Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't be stingy!

Sisterhood! How is it celebrated? Well, very simple! HUGS dude!! what else??!

Then why do we act so stingy when we have got to give that to someone we don't know that much or when somebody is upset yet we are so skeptical about it. Trust me, hugs have never killed anyone nor the person who hugs others. So go out there do some community service and yes! by this i mean give some hugs! :D But hey, not to your opposite gender ;) no no that sort of invitation screams ''MASSIVE TROUBLE''.

Now i know for some people hugs feel worse than being kicked on their bums! They really get pissed off like my own best friend ,she'd give me a disgusted look when i would hug her, anyway even THAT didn't put my 'hugging spirit' down i just assumed that her ''disgusted look'' is just her way of showing appreciation. *talk about optimism eh?*
So until i heard her yelling at me for hugging no look of hers stopped me. Ever. My point being if you know somebody's character then do not risk your life by hugging them you can choose to stay away from them before they put a straining order on you.

And once somebody yells do not keep hugging them, just RUN!
But when you look at somebody who seems to be low, or who is crying, then don't hesitate! Go ahead! The worse thing is they'll give you a look and thats it!
P.s. i also know this is not my best blog entry!! BUT THIS ISSUE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN GLOBAL WARMING!


  1. HEY, this is an aWEsome post. You know, I used to be a LOt LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND. OMG, my face would totally 'stiffen up like a wooden board' if someone hugged me- and if they were hugging me 'too long'- I'd like pat them on the back as if to say "Haven't we had enough?"

    but my then best friend didn't give up on me..she kept hugging..and hugging...and hugging, until I really started relaxing/ and liking hugs :)

    NOW, if I see someone sad or crying, I try not to be 'as you said', stingy :)

  2. Haha thanks for the kind words amina :D
    I also do that 'too long hug' pat on the back sometimes if it is somebody i don't really know.

    I studied 3 years with my best friend and i remember in our final year it so happened that i didn't get to see her for about 3-4 days so i enter her apartment and she gives me like a really long hug whilst saying how she missed me. I felt soo awkward that time i had to give the pats on her back :P

  3. Aww such a lovely entry! Lol I love hugs too but I get a bit squirmy when people kiss me! :S

  4. Thats true ummkhaleel!! i generally get confused with the number of kisses =/