Sunday, April 24, 2011

You know Those Feelings...

I have been feeling alot of THOSE feelings, which One cannot help...

1. The feeling when you have SOOO many things in your mind that your thoughts create an uncontrolled whirlwind in your mind and when you sit down infront of your laptop to actually write something, your thoughts are so messed up that you can barely write a decent blogpost?

2. The feeling when you are missing somebody you should not be missing because they have pretty much damaged you as a person and ruined a big part of your life? And the sad part is that you loved them? Yeah, it can be a pretty stupid feeilng

3. The feeling when you feel that your life and its routine is SOOO monotonous that you would prefer to just leave it and do something different for a change. But the sad part of the feeilng is that the people you are surrounded with are the ones who have a stable life due to their safe choices so somehow you have to convince yourself that this MUST be the right way

4. The feeling when 2 people you had really cared for break your heart and you are not really sure who to be more mad at?

5. The feeling when a person you have loved since the time you were born, you've looked after them, when somebody got on to their case you stood in their defense while they were willing to accept their defeat... when that person betrays you and makes you feel trusting somebody is an open invitation for inevitable hurt? Yeah this feeling is also quite depressing but there's a valuable lesson that can be derived from this feeling which is
Dude, You Just Cannot Trust Anyone!

6. The feeling when you think of the memories that you thought you had safely locked them away in the archive of unwanted/hurtful memories. You wake up one day from your sleep and you start thinking about them. The helpless part of it being no matter what you do the memories play in your mind like a movie until the end of the day, until you are pretty much shattered.. and Once you become whole again, Damn they strike again!

7. The feeling when you think about a mistake and the remorse is so bad that it starts to pain to an extent that you wish if only there was a way to disappear. Anything to make the pain stop.

8. The feeling that tells you that its okay to be selfish sometimes..

9. The feeling to leave everything and just go sit by the beach with the friend you love the most... Sad part, that friend lives in another country

10. Finally, my longest whim to leave everything and go on a travelling spree... to oman, to morocco, to spain, to Uk, and finally my fav Europe... <3 Just go there, read more, learn how paint, live each day as it comes, one step at a time.

Hey, a girl can dream... :)

1 comment:

  1. Shireeen!

    You've put my thoughts into words!

    I'm sure someday, our dreams of changing the monotonous life and going on a travelling spree will be fulfilled! inshaAllah! :)

    I guess every retarded girl feels THOSE feelings and hence I'm here agreeing with your feelings and typing an essay of a comment!