Monday, April 25, 2011

28-04-2011 - It would be 3 Whole Years

It all feels so surreal, I am still having a difficult time in accepting that the college days are over, and it would be 3 years in another 3 days when I last saw my friends before leaving for UAE.

I was fine previously with spending summer holidays over here because at the end of it I would go back to the college and meet up with my mates again.

We all met up once again, last year august when Afrah and I threw a party but this time somebody was in love, somebody was going to get married, somebody took teaching as a profession and somebody was already married with a kid..

There are uncountable memories from college that I cherish till today but what really makes me happy is the fact that it was in degree college that I had met Afrah, Amby, Shehla, Asma and Doli. People who played a significant role in my life. O and even Azra :P well technically it was her awesome reference books (which i never wanted to buy) that played a BIGG role in my academic life.. She had all the reference books which we were told to check up during our final year. Because most of the students in our class were bookworms or teacher's pets as a result of which the minute a teacher had suggested a reference book, they would rush to the library and get it issued, In short depriving other people of using them. O wonderful memories!

If somebody would ask me about afrah in the during the first 2 months of my college life, I would have probably shrugged it off and would have been like ''I don't know If I'd be friends with her.. She's a bit weird and different from others... Not the kind of people I like''

I remember I had desperately wanted to be friends with Doli in my first year sole reason being that she was and is freaking talented when it comes to painting. I was just so much in awe of her painting pictures on Orkut (yes, facebook was not popular those days)! Being a kid of 15 years I had decided 'This is the girl I'd make good friends with!'' LOL

BUT! each year of my 3 years of college life to attain a graduate degree had some sort of unexpected surprise to it. As I try to recall those memories, there is just so much to be written down on my blog. I had started authoring a book based on college life few months after we finished college but just like my other projects, this one never saw an end too... But i should really work on it, I am sure it would be a best seller. Those 3 years had changed me as a person and gifted me true friends that I never had before.. oo yeah! I have to do that ... so anyway the following entries for the next 3 days will be about my college years... 1, 2, and 3!! :D


  1. eagerly waiting for your follow-up posts! :D

  2. seeing that quadrangle picture at the top just brought back lots of memories to my mind!

    still can't believe college is over and well, everyone has taken their own road :(

  3. 3 years complete today dear :)
    the very same day wen u were flying away to dubai... Away from all of us :(

    Why do we all have to go different wayz? Cant we all choose the same path? Work together?? Live together?? Marry in a group of bestfrends so we all stay together??

    Sonchne mai acha hai... par sach to nahi hota :(