Wednesday, April 27, 2011

28-April-2008 - Part 1

So for those who have read my previous post 3 days ago about how I am going to write about 3 years of my college life every day.. Well I just couldn't do it. I thought I would, But i knew a part of me would just end up writing bad things about my once-good friends, so I refrained from it. But I am aware that 2 people were looking forward for those posts. So I am sorry.

28-April-2008 is 1 of the days that are engraved in my mind and the memory of which is so crystal clear in my mind that it feels as if it had happened just yesterday. I have grown a lot as an individual in these past 3 years of without really having real friends around me all the time. 2005-2008 were my college years, in which my aim was to graduate and get a decent job, be successful and well you know the drill. When I had done my Intermediate college years (11th & 12th grade for those who do not know this part of Indian education system), I was not a fan of college back then because I was merely 13 and 14 years old that time because of my adventures of skipping 4 school years. Plus, what had also acted as a disadvantage during that time was that one the lecturers had disclosed this piece of info in the class, so I was just looked upon as a kid with whom you couldn't really share anything, and If i had a doubt on the accounts problem being done on the board It was assumed that I have a doubt because I such a kid.

Pretty much everyone was selfish in that class, I may have been too. But the degrees differed to a great extent. Eventually, I started disliking it to the extent that I would go to college only when I felt like it, I would study only for the internal exams that I wished for. And no matter how much I avoided college, I knew for a fact that I could just study 2 days before the final exam and pass through it with a decent percentage. And I did. I had an overall percentage of 72.6% in the exams of these 2 years.

So now, When my life at another college staretd in 2005, this time I had to study for 3 years to get myself a degree. I remember thinking to myself ''Great, last college was 2 years of torture and now this is going to be 3 years''. Honestly, I did not look forward to it, nor did I have any expectations like i did before, I was not keen on making new friends after having experienced back-stabbers as friends previously. I had told myself 'All i am here for, is to study, get a degree and get done with this place' as I was entering the college gate on 24-June-2005.

That day, nothing went as I had planned, I was running late for my class, I had tough time finding my class, and when I did find it I was welcomed by 25 pair of suspicious eyes and a lecturer asking me the reason for being late to the class. I saw some faces in the class that I could recognize because I had seen them giving the entrance test to enter this course of study just like myself. The desks and chairs in the class were disorganized, the students were bunched together through them. I wore a dress that day which I had worn previously at the entrance test, so I think that acted as a clue for some people who were trying to figure out if they had seen me before. One of those people was Shehla , as soon as the lecturer was out of the class she had came upto me to remind me how both of us were searching for our classroom during the entrance test exam, how I had wished she could shut up about it because honestly I do no like being reminded how I had worn the SAME DRESS on that day. But Shehla being Shehla had to do that which made me write a mental note for myself which said ''Avoid this girl at ALL COSTS''

Then as the day progressed we were required to introduce ourselves and I recalled seeing this one girl who had stood out in the entrance exam centre, for just reason. What? well she had worn a denim mini-skirt with a black t-shirt which was like a BIG THING that time in my city or maybe still is. Because, everyone passes a rather ridiculous judgement that whoever does dress like that is bound to have like 3-4 boyfriends, or that she wants attention for wrong reasons. But today, she had worn a black and white salwar kameez, with white salwar and black kameez. I liked her style alot today because even she had a metal jewelry piece attached to her kameez (tunic) just like myself. I also figured she must like the color black alot :P While introducing herself she said her name was 'Dolma' and I was like 'WHAT?' and haha 'I have never heard about this name before'.. Someone from the class put my curiosity in words and asked her what does her name mean and she replied 'It's a bhutani name, it means the goddess of mercy'

Well, the next day was quite interesting too, during the morning lecture of accounting 2 girls wearing salwar kameez walked in the class and apologized for being late. I recognized 1 of the 2 girls because I had laughed at her mentally while writing my entrance test as she was sitting on the desk beside mine that time. She was wearing a full-sleeve white and red salwar kameez, the kameez being white with some red flowers printed on it and the salwar being red. On the entrance test day, I had noticed her tomboy-ish sports shoes under her abaya and had a fit of laughter in my head thinking 'What a fashion victim! who wears a manly sports shoes on an abaya?!' what I could not even imagine was being best-friends with this person and who was she? Well she was a girl named Afrah which meant happinesss in Arabic (no she did not tell everyone what her name meant, GOOGLE used to exist even when I was in college!)

I became the first bencher, reason? well you remember Shehla? The girl I had vowed to avoid? Well, she's quite a person nobody can avoid (even if they try LOL) so she wanted to sit on the first bench and I thought to myself 'okay whatever not that it matters' BUT it DID! I had to pretend to concentrate and struggle with keeping my eyes open while the lecturer would talk about the most BORING TOPICS on the face of this earth RIGHT IN MY FACE! I mean really boring!!!!! Think 'Accounting standards and principles' Don't get me wrong, I liked accounting alot but IN practice, In solving problems NOT in Theory. I mean what type of a jerk would need an explanation on 'Accounting as a Science' and 'Accounting as an Art'???! You could just read these things in the freaking text book and understand it! No explanation needed!!

The other girl with Afrah had introduced herself as 'Ambreen Khanum' and yes I had a fit of laughter mentally at her last name :P LOL! I was wondering to myself 'Maybe her family didn't like the name Khan so they changed it to Khanum' ..... and I was thinking 'Man I am the ONLY ONE with a cool surname' O Yes! I was completely full of myself. Its a BAIG thing you know :P (don't ask me what my surname means use those fingers and type BAIG on wikipedia)

Then as she told me that her entire family is BAIG's, like her paternal side of the family. I started pitying her, poor she, she has been deprived of the wonderful surname! How cruel could this world be sometimes?!! :P LOL, but it was not the world to blame, it was her maternal grandfather who thought that 'Khanum' is a more lady-like surname!

As the days in my new college life passsed, there were few other girls in the class that I had noticed but never showed enough of interest in getting to know them. Along with Shela and I in the first row, there was a CHATTERBOX called Azra. I don't remember anything about her from the first year of my college life except for a few things like the fact that I despised her never-ending CHATTER, She was one of those people who brought lunch to the college, She had the most craziest handwriting that can EVER be known to mankind(but i liked it in a way because it gave the teachers a tough time), She had asked Afrah about the meaning for the word 'masturbate' which Afrah refused to explain in front of me (as she knew my real age which was 15 that time). By the end of the day thanks to Azra , I had pretty much memorized the entire wikipedia page on this topic!

More memories to be written down, I hope I finish the other parts soon!


  1. :))

    can't stop laughing at the asking meaning of masturbate part!

    eagerly waiting for more memories to be put into words :D

  2. i love the starting picture quote! it so is true!

    and and and do write about that life-skills class incident!

  3. O-M-G how could i FORGET IT!!! I would definitely post it in my next blog entry!!