Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just You

Only you know what I hold behind that smile on my face,
Only you know about those sleepless nights and teary days..
I complain not about my painful memories to anyone except you,
For no matter how hard anyone tries, No one knows me like you do.

You have seen my moments, You have seen me when I was weak,
When the damage done to me was so bad, I could barely speak
Had it not been for you I could never have held myself together again,
It is only to you that I complain of my recovering heart and recurring pain.

I bow down to you, with tears that so easily flow out of my eyes,
Its easy to talk to you, to feel burden-less, I have realized.
You have sent people in my life to help me get through the rough phase,
They helped me in erasing whatever I needed to erase..

But, Some of those memories are still there in the back of my mind,
Memories that make me come to you crying, that send chills in my spine.
I know with surety in my heart, no matter whoever leaves me you would always be there,
Even If i act stupid, behave selfish, disobedient and arrogant, you still care.