Wednesday, April 6, 2011

06-04-2007 *Things that we do for Friends*

I was just checking my FaceBook account when I noticed a Birthday Reminder at the right side of my screen. It was the birthday of one of my classmates today. Which reminded me of what i had done on this specific day i.e. 06-April in the year 2007.

4 Years have gone by but my memory of that day is still pretty clear. I had 2 Best Friends that time during college. 1 was Afrah and another 1 was Amby. I was an all-obedient friends with Afrah, she was my topmost priority those days (well she still is but alhamdulilah i've toned down a teensy-weensy bit)

My classmate prati had been going around after our final exam in the exam centre inviting everyone to her house for her Birthday Party. She invited all the classmates but I think only very few were keen on going as she lived in a part of the city which was very away from where we lived. My other 2 friends Asmi and Doli decided to go as it would be very rude if nobody showed up for her party despite the invitation, that gave Amby a.k.a madam ji a confidence boost and she thought it would be a fun idea if we (read : our group including afrah, sneha and me) also attend the party.

Sneha had agreed as she lived somewhere closeby to prati's house. Afrah blatantly declined the proposal and expressed how she'd rather stay home instead of going to the party and then When Afrah decides on something then no amount of reasoning goes in that smart mind of hers ;)

Also, when Afrah makes some decision it indirectly included me as well. So Amby knew very well that even I would not go with her ... so what did she do? Being the dare-devil that she is, she asked me to come with her, I tried telling her how it is SOO far the auto fares will cover my ENTIRE pocket money (which was really peanuts that time) but she kept persisting. Finally she uttered those wonderful words which were guaranteed to work on me ''OH I know why you are not coming, Because afrah is 'not' coming''

That was enough to change my decision and 4 of us that's Amby, Doli, Asmi and I decided to save the Auto Fare and instead take a bus to the closest Bus Stop near prati's house. And let me tell you travelling in Hyderabad buses makes you wanna rush home and take a long shower with detol! They are crowded, not tidy, and it is uncomfortability at its BEST. I salute the courage of those people who travel in them on daily basis. Anyhow, I prepared my mind for the worst but was shocked to realize after stepping in the bus that it was not crowded at all the uncomfort was stil there And If I ever meet the person who approves these buses with such painful seats on them, I'd probably KILL THAT GUY!

After spending about 60-70 minutes in the Bus, which was unexpectedly fun. Because we started playing Guess-the-movie-name and I totally sucked at it but had fun nevertheless. I could guess just 1 movie's name. When I got down at the Bus Stop I kept wondering to myself Good LORD! which part of this world i ventured into???!! It was crowded and I could not see anyone speaking URDU Leave English! majority spoke in Telegu which is our 'regional' language and I have no idea whatsoever on how to speak or understand it. Because, majority of people in hyderabad speak in Urdu or it's slang.

Doli was on phone taking directions from other friend who had reached there. Somebody thought walking in that area was a great idea and after sometime we gave up and hailed an auto.. Finally after much of wrong turns and roaming around we arrived at prati's apartment.

I had no wish whatsoever to travel in a BUS, to arrive at an alien place, to attend a classmate's birthday with whom I was not really close but I must admit I attacked her lucnh many times, But I knew If I refused Amby would be mad as she Always thought that I just give Afrah all the importance known to mankind and no importance to her at all! (Of course, that time it didn't make sense to me but now it does LOL!) So, FUNNY things We all do for our Friends during college life.

All my complaining reduced to an extent when I saw other classmates there and It was good to see prati happy besides she had my fav butterscotch flavor ice cream ready..

And then I danced, somebody thought putting music around me was a good idea! Little did they know that the 'Dance Monster' within me wakes up at the slighest sound of my favorite songs. Let me tell you this, When I dance, I bring embarassment to it. I make people laugh out their hearts with it. And everytime I DO it somebody or another thinks IT would be a GOOD IDEA to record it on video!! SO MUCH FOR BEING FRIENDS!


  1. Lol! I simply HATE buses too! When I first moved to Sri Lanka, I decided I was going to be all adventurous and take the local buses everywhere.

    Good Lord! The overcrowding was horrible, not to mention the odor of so many sweaty people crammed together! I had to hold my breath every time I got on and hang on to the seats for dear life! I so agree with you about showering with Dettol after a bus ride! :P

    The most frustrating thing was, I'd be in my seat and I'd see my stop coming, but by the time I struggle through the people and finally manage to get off, the bus would have gone several miles further than my stop!! Then I'd have to get an Auto and go all the way back!

    After several times of this happening, I decided I'm never getting on buses again :P

  2. Hahaha i totally know what you mean man! I mean see, if somebody knows they are gonna be crammed into a bus full of people they could save others around them by investing in a decent deodorant :P

    Autos are good man! although they have all big time attitude and all. But compared to crowded buses i'd take an auto :P or even walk the distance! ;)