Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Muslim Girl's Confusions - Nail Colors

If you are a Muslim Girl,then you're probably gonna have an idea of what I am about to write on. And if you are not then *think no more* you are about to find out!

As Muslims, Prayer is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. It's basically one of the five compulsory things that a Muslim must do. Prior to performing the prayer or salah we make ablution which also includes the water touching the nails!

But sometimes muslim girls just like other girls love to color their nails and I am not saying there's anything wrong* with that. The problem arises when they are not visited by ''Lady Flo'' and they have to pray they know, yet they play around with the nail colors and with them on they also stand to pray. It is a unanimous agreement among scholars that nail colors do not allow the water to touch the nails resulting in an incomplete ablution. Some of the famous excuses for it are ;

1. I forgot to remove the nail color off (and well hey maybe they did) and it's time to pray. I cannot leave prayer just because I have the nail color on (although the ablution is not complete and there's no prayer without ablution and wallahu alim)

2. Well you see, I have left super tiny space between the nail color and the skin of my finger, the water can touch here. So the water is ''technically'' touching my nails. (confession - this cracked me up like something)

* I don't personally find anything wrong if girls color their nails when they don't have to pray. It's their total choice but in my honest and humble opinion if you are a girl and if you Don't have to pray then why would you choose the ''Brightest Pink'' or ''Tomato Red'' or ''Green'' color for your nails? I mean It's practically an open declaration to the world that you don't have to pray and youknowhat! I know of friends who love being girly or having nail color on but the colors they generally choose are so natural that its only when you look hard that you can notice it. It's not flashy at all, same is the case with the french manicure - the nails just shine with transparent enamel and look super elegant.

I know this might not sound like fun and some of muslim girls themselves might feel like ''This is no fun''. But see, If you are having a girly party or a segregated wedding, if you are at home or if you wear gloves then GET THOSE DAMN FLASHY NAIL COLORS AND GO WILD! :D


  1. Hey Shireen! Salamualykum wr. How u doin!?

    We finally disagree on something haha. No it's just that I feel when you're not praying you can wear nailpolish in whatevr colour! It's an expression of one's personality and hey, it's the only time when we can without having to remove it...

  2. walaykum as salam.
    Yea we can agree to disagree. In my honest opinion one does hijab not to attract attention but if the hijab itself is accompanied by really attention grabbing color of nail polish, then the whole purpose becomes a fail.

  3. hey shireen i totally agree with u that there are some misconceptions regarding wearing or wearing not the nail color

  4. even i have a graet suggestion. if a girl wants to do something very exciting wid their nails so believe me go for nail extension it wud giv u a elegant luk plus it wil not create any kind of interruption during namaaz