Saturday, November 26, 2011

That One Moment

Between doing something right or doing something wrong lies a moment. The moment when you decide, which way to go and what path to choose and If you can just control yourself in that one moment it saves from a lifetime of regret.

The nafs is a pretty dominating factor, the desire to do what would make you feel better and not caring about rest of the world and the people in it is quite easy. It does not take much to switch off the button of your consciousness. We all know ourselves too well to know how we can each avoid going on a guilt trip or to even remember that we had the moment of choice when we decided.

Fighting with your nafs can be more torturous than anything you have ever witnessed in your life. The stronger the battle, the deeper the torture but eventually when you win against it, the victory tastes like nothing you have experienced before.

The decisions we make can alter our present and make our future more appealing to us than it would have been otherwise. It saves you the pain of having a bad past and regretting about it for a lifetime. Of course not many people can do it because only the strongest survive and lets not forget the one million of new temptations being thrown in our faces everyday.

But, speaking from experience if you do choose the right thing fighting against all odds then just know it is so worth it.


  1. Alhamdulillah, i am glad you liked it. It of course is a reminder for me first and foremost.