Saturday, November 19, 2011

The thing about kids..

This weekend my uncle and aunt had to attend a parent-teacher meeting for 2 of their 3 kids at their school. They left the youngest one at home too who is about to be 3 soon.

I was (sort of) babysitting them. The 2 kids were good on their own with occasional fighting and screaming. The youngest one though was supposed to sleep until afternoon because she had slept really late the night before but she was woken up, courtesy her 4 year old brother. So in a bid to make her go back to sleep I had to lie down with her on the bed, pat her on the back give her the favorite blanket. The thing I was reminded of was this - when kids are small they always have that one person they need by their side. Every time I thought she slept and I tried to move from the bed she would wake up again and I had to convince her I am there until she was sleepy again. This happened about 3-4 times and I eventually decided not to move unless I am super sure.

It also made me think about how although we grow up we still have that one person. It can be your parent, sibling, friend. Anyone really. Their presence makes you feel a whole load lighter and makes you feel you are cared and loved for and you just don't want them to leave you or your life.. We are still kids at heart, in a different manner though. To each, his own.

What are your thoughts on it? Any experience like above? Share! :D


  1. It's beautiful how we work, subhan'allah! Thank you for this post! (:

  2. It is, so very often we get so busy in looking at the big picture of life that we forget to notice and acknowledge the small things about us.

  3. oh yes di...i had the same thing with marwah....but it was the best feeling you know putting her to sleep and when she wakes up kissing her on her cheek and then as salamalikum janu beta....i miss her...