Saturday, November 5, 2011

A word called 'Sorry'

There's this part of me that is so easy to apologize to others if I am at fault or not. Yes, you read that right even if I am not at fault, It is not because I am a weak person but most of the times I value the person more than my own anger. I cannot forget the good that they have done to me and hold a grudge against them for a moment of anger that they had because It could be me in their place the next time and I would really want another shot at another chance.

Then there are some people who have the toughest time saying the precious dear word called ''sorry''. It is like this, they will try anything from Blame to Denial to anything that they think would work except just saying ''sorry'' and moving on. This is not to say that I am not like that, I am that way but very rarely.

Few months back I've had an experience with a person like the above group and man did they break my heart. All I really wanted from them was a heartfelt apology and I couldn't get one. So now as I am in India I met them again and they said sorry. It felt so good but followed by that apology was another thing that they blamed their earlier anger outburst on. And BOOM! The good feeling disappeared within that moment.

A heartfelt apology is all that I need. So that I could be free of having any Ill feelings for them as I am not really capable of doing it on my own...


  1. hey sis,
    ur just like me. I keep saying sorry to a person very easily. Yeah, it is a good thing. But people dont seem to value this kind of character and rather take an advantage to hold anything against you for a sorry, maybe its because of this good feeling. But its true I rather not be the person who struggles to say sorry. Thanks for such a lovely post. A good point to reflect upon.

    Take care

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  3. The word sorry is abused so much that some people just develop the bad habit of hurting others and saying sorry afterwaeds. The trend must change.

    Apologizing should be genuine through showing sincerity of purpose with utmost seriousness.

    Good post.