Sunday, November 27, 2011

Taraweeh Tales - Part 3

Here's the part 1 and part 2

I miss Ramadan dearly, it would have been so much easier to be one's best self without having your constant enemy around tempting you for the wrong things. Then again I guess we wouldn't value Ramadan as much.

One of the most memorable Ramadan evenings was when my friend S came along with Shamsi and me to shamsi's place after taraweeh. It was late and I was there waiting for my brother to pick me up. We were not doing much except checking something out on the laptop and eating the left over iftar stuff (yes, we don't care if it is midnight when the stomach calls :P)

It was no great night we were not praying, reading quran or ahadith to each other. Nothing religious at all. We were just talking, all three of us and the struggles we face sometimes. That night S also opened up about how difficult it is to be a good muslim with the business of life, the after office commitments with family and friends that take up all the time and in the meanwhile the eman gets effected on the sidelines. Just a plain basic discussion about the simple things we could do, watch a video here and there, give short eman boosters to ourselves and lastly how this world is nothing but a short period of time which in comparison is nothing to the eternity in the hereafter..

Just opening up with people who go through the same issues and struggles like you do, just knowing that you are not all alone and they are others who can also give up but they are holding onto this faith because its the right thing to do is a big consolation in itself to the heart to stay strong when life becomes tough. It is a consolation enough that when you feel down you always have someone who knows what you are going through because they too have once been there...

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