Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As salamualaykum my lovely readers!

A Big Eid Mubarak to all of you! Alhamdulillah for ramadan, so many things i have learnt this year in Ramadan and so many memorable moments that are spent with my lovely sisters. You know what? Inshallah, I am going to make a blog entry just for the Taraweeh Tales :)

Moving on, I spent my eid in Hyderabad today after like 3 years or so. The years when I was in college afrah and I would go around meeting other friends once the family meetings were done. Over the years it felt as if the Eids have changed for me or perhaps I have changed myself.

Growing up Eid-ul-Fitr was my most favorite Eid. We had all the extended family in town, the night before eid was full of buzz, the clothes being ironed, girls fretting about matching bangles and henna on their hands. Guys going around the hair cutting salons doing the last minute shopping.

Eid mornings - Our two bedroom apartment was quite modest in size so the cleaning could be taken care of in a short amount of time. The special ocassion sheets and curtains would be spread around the house, my mom going around waking us up. Especially my brother to ensure that he makes it for the eid prayer on time, making sure the water was warm in the morning as generally those years eid was during winter. I would wake up after my mother nagging me for at least half an hour to a house filled with the aroma of sheer kurma (the special sweet of eid!). As the day would progress I'd dress up in the Eid Dress feeling like the prettiest princess, Once my brother and my cousins would come home from the Eid Prayer I'd immediately start fishing for compliments from my elder and my only brother asking him constantly how I looked until he responded positive.

I would then go on the first floor to meet up my aunt and my best friend plus cousin, we'd meet up hugging each other complimenting on how pretty each of us looked and making plans for what to do when we get the Eidi and speculating how much Eidi we might end up making by the end of the Eid. We had 1 cousin brother who was around our age group, so we'd hurry to her balcony which was across the street to his, yell his name out loud until he would come in the balcony and once he'd come out we would rate if he looked smart enough or not. Then we'd rate how every one from our neighborhood looked like..

The day would then proceed with so much of sheer kurma that one point I'd feel like I've been on morphine because honestly this sweet is nothing more than an OPEN INVITATION for getting fat and drowsy. And if you live in a house that's obsessed about having the dry fruits in that sweet fried in ASLI GHEE then you are doomed! :P

By the afternoon side we would go around the colony, meeting other relatives. Alhamdulillah it was an easy access to my relatives as we all lived in the same colony. The important highlight of the day would be to go and meet Dadima (may allah bless her soul) , if that was delayed then we had to be assured of being in trouble. So around later afternoon or so, everyone would gather in her house, All my cousin brothers would be decked in white kurta pajamas, grinning and joking around. My sisters on the other hand looking all girly, with make up, matching bangles and accessories appropriate with their dresses.

In short, if you are blessed with 3 paternal aunts and 6 paternal uncles you would not even realize how the eid day can pass by. My mom's side of the family would usually be our last place to visit before the end of the day.

That was just a glimpse of the Eids that I used to have as a kid. Now, it's different, Life's changed and perhaps its for the best :)

Eid mubarak once again, May Allah swt accept all your deeds and prayers!


  1. Assalamoalekum, Eid Mubarak Ms. Baig. This was such a sweet entry! It brings back my own memories of Eid from back in Karachi. *hugs* Shall be sharing your article in my blog entry tomorrow.

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  3. Our Eid involved me taking the children to the cinema, we don't have any other family here to celebrate with unfortunately, but I tried to make the children have a good day. Karima :)