Friday, August 12, 2011

Who is My Lord?

Everything in my life is a blessing from my creator,
The one who creates life, The dominant - all maker
HE knows about everything in the heavens and the earth
From his Greatest creations to the small particles in the dirt

He blesses me with things that I need,
Even the ones about which I never speak
Its only His fear that causes me to weep
HE keeps forgiving me because I am weak

HE honors whom he wants and so does he humiliate
HE is the one who is ever willing to appreciate
Even the smallest of deeds that I do for His sake
I just need to turn back to him, no matter how grave the mistake.

He is the Lord of the Kingom, Majesty & Generosity
His help is all I need in the times of Adversity..
Nothing in this world matters, Except His Approval,
HE is my Lord, The Ever Living, The Eternal.

The One who answers me and chooses to look beyond my disobedience,
HE deals with me in a gentle manner with abundant amounts of patience
He is Especially Mericful, Yet He is The Most Just
He resurrects us all after we have turned into Dust

Perfection is His attribute and So is Self Sufficiency
He is aware of the struggles that go on within Me
On that day He will bless his slaves with his Mercy
When all his slaves will just say ''Nafsy, Nafsy''

Even if the entire world asks of Him everything they ever wished for
From wealth to health, to women, to children, to heavens and much more
It does not even effect the treasures of My Lord, not in the least bit
It will take fom His treasures as much as a needle takes after an ocean's dip

He is The Guide, He is The Light, He is The One, He is The Last
He knows about each one of us, Our present, Future and even Past
He rewards His Slaves with all that No ear has heard or no eye has seen,
He knows about What Is, What Has, What Will or What could have been

I get tired of worshipping Him but He never gets tired of rewarding me,
I am His slave and nothing is more beloved to me than this slavery..


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow.


    Allahu Akbar! Allah truly is the Greatest <3 And it is an honor that we are His slaves.

    Can we put this up on our blog? Full credit to you of course! ma'shaAllah.

  2. Oh this is beautiful!! Your best poem yet! I loved it, especially the last two lines! :)

  3. Amazing, touching! I agree with the girls, it's worth a shout out on my blog. Keep writing, may Islam spread peacefully with our words.

    Fida (: