Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is My Lord? Part 2 :)

He is my Protector; He is my Friend
Everything is just means and He is the End.
Nothing happens without his permission not a leaf falls from a tree,
The one free from any partners, The Most Exalted Is He!

He feeds all his creation without him being fed,
He gives life to the lands after they are dead
He feeds the birds who leave thier nests hungry in the morning
He is the one One who gives clear signs to the people of understanding

In it are glad tidings and also a warning
All his creation lives in harmony, so perfect is his planning!

He has given me the ability to write and recite
He is so full of mercy and so abundant in His Might
He turns the night into day and the day into night
He is the swift reckoner on a day with no respite

He creates life beautifully in different stages,
He pays his fearful slaves, unmeasurable wages
Everywhere around me, of His greatness are traces,
6 billion people in the world, all with different faces

With Him remains the knowledge of the unseen
He has seperated the sweet and the salty stream
HE is very merciful to those who sincerely repent
Those who ignore it then severe is He with punishment

Multiple rewards He has to be given away
But those who remain arrogant, He leads them astray
With just a sincere intention in my heart,
He helps me to give my life a new start..

He is the giver of peace, He is the One who heals
He knows how each and everyone of us feels..

He is the bestower of strenght in the times of Tumoil
He makes me cry so I that I know the value of a Smile
I am just a lowly slave with a Majestic Master
How sad is it that I call on him only during a disaster

Yet He turns towards me, to answer my call
He sends people to pick me up after I fall..
With his supremacy Nothing can EVER compete
This is My Lord, So perfect, So Loving,So Unique..


  1. Assalamu alaykum sis,
    Very nice poem sis! MashaAllah, my sister writes poems too...=) btw...
    Lately I saw your blog and its very interesting sis. So, Your one of my favorite blogs...
    I've decided to give you a blogger award:
    check it out here sis, Extreme Muslimah Bloggers Award:

    Well, First we must all know the reward of Allah (swt) is better than any other reward. But I like to encourage muslimah bloggers, since Im a muslimah blogist! =D Its also a way to keep da'wah going too... So its just a little encouragement... Thanks =)

  2. a beautiful reminder, Jazakhallah khair
    as the first sister commented, I'm also starting up a blog too.
    I'll be following your blog, keep up the great words :)