Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taraweeh Terror - Taraweeh Tales Part 2

As promised, here's another glimpse of one of the Taraweeh Times.. If you don't know what I am talking about then you need to go here.

I wish the poster that I posted in this blog entry was pasted on every masjid's entrance. However! There's one rule missing that is ''You CANNOT CANNOT reserve the seats for Anyone''. It's the Masjid, generally built by the Awkaf or by the community as a whole.

If I am doing any of my salah in the masjid, then be assured to encounter my obsession of praying in the first row. A and I are nerds like that and we just don't compromise on it, even if it means reaching at the masjid even before the call for prayer is called out. Also, because we are very greedy and the first row-ers get more hassanats. So the 1st day as we reached to the masjid, that is Shamsi, Anee and I, I started throwing a first row tantrum constantly mumbling to myself how we should have come earlier and pretty much tested the girl's patience.

The 2nd day, we reached there early and I was beaming to myself. It felt soo good to enter in the masjid while the first row was still not occupied. YAY-ing to myself we proceeded towards the first row, everyone adjusted themselves, got our spot right under the fan, things just couldn't get any better. I was content, finally. Because, first row also meant not headbumping to someone's feet and feeling someone's head bumping at your feet, no running kids in front of you. As a sigh of happiness escaped my mouth, I heard a lady calling us from a distance coming towards our side and it goes like this ;

She - Excuse me, Please don't sit here. This place is for the aunties.

Me - But, we came here before.

She - Yes, But they have been coming and sitting here ONLY for the whole of Ramadan

Me - But, there's no reservation in the masjid

She - Please just move a row behind this one

Me - But this is not even fair, the chairs are going to block more space than people standing in the first row. Chairs should be kept towards the end of the room. *Fuming like mad*

Out of NOWHERE *reaches for my hand*

Shamsi - Accha, okay fine we'll go the other row

Me - *SHOCKED* what are you saying man! why should we go?! we came here first?!

Shamsi - Leave it man, be patient

Me - *complaining out loud* This is SO not FAIR!

Shamsi - We'll get hassanaat for being patient too man

As we were about to leave the GANGSTA AUNTIES walk in, while they were mumbling to themselves how they have always prayed in THAT SPOT. I can go to the metro and sit in the same place everytime, but that doesn't mean if someone's sitting there I'll ask them to get up! This was plain TARAWEEH TERROR. Hats off to Shami and Anee's patience, Although they were mad they could keep their cool, I couldn't help but throw the biggest attitude and piercing stare in their direction.

As the Imam started the tafseer of the verses we were about to read in the Taraweeh, My anger was calmed down and I could just feel nothing but happiness to be enjoying the tafseer and the chance to pray with the people who value the most in my life - My friends. And, Ofcourse to make up our moods after Taraweeh, we purchased some books at the masjid's mobile book stand, and then bought ourselves some Quality Wall's ice cream :D

Oh well something interesting happened there too, nevermind wait for the next entry ;)

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  1. Aweee ...... i rembr dis DAY !!!!!!!!!OMG !!! love d way u hav put it in words...reminds me alot of those Amazing days with ya all.. n lukin fwd 2 it too. I know auntiess....sighh !!! Allah rehem kare AMEEN and grant us more PATIENCE !!!!