Monday, February 14, 2011

Bleh, Just another day!

Today when the entire world is reminded by the corporate heads of marketing and advertising about the Love that the couples MUST express to each other, I have been wished ''Happy Valentine's Day'' since morning, well the first text was from Afrah so it was a bit digestable 'cause she is one person who hates to tell me that she loves me :P (can't help it though, some people have tough time accepting simple, plain facts)

I did not reply it. Because the love i feel for her is 24/7 so I am sure I don't have to select a day to express my love, I have been doing it all the time since we became friends more than 5 years ago. Don't believe me? Go, ask her! No, actually you can ask anybody who knows me ;)

Besides we all are aware of some vague story behind this day and other smart people (like flower shops, diamond stores, gadget companies, fashion gurus etc) are banking on it.

It seemed very awkward, as i was walking down the office aisle when i noticed a girl with red heart shaped balloon and somebody else's desk with red roses decorated on it. I in no way am a hater of Romance, Instead trust me I Love Love. The only thing what bothers me is the One Day celebration of it, like a nation's Independance Day. (You know what i'm sayin?)

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