Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Day of College - When we ran like prisoners fleeing from a Prison

^ This is the Gate beyond which freedom awaits!

^ And! This is a part of my College

It was 11:15 am that the 3rd period of the day ended. Financial Management is such a torture! If it happens to be the teacher you dislike the most and if she even happens to teach you Income Tax too, then trust me its a tremendous torture

Afrah and I sneak out of the classroom grabbing our bags heading towards the gate while the others were busy taking out their note books for the next lecture. We were going to test our luck today (trying to bribe the watchman on the college gate). Both of us took our bags in one hand and started going downstairs. Our class was on the third half built awkward floor of our very huge college building. We were just half way on the stairs just when Afrah noticed the lecturer coming towards the stairs from the opposite side of the building's balcony, we increased our speed as we saw she was approaching on quite a speed, we were on second floor now and then we noticed Asma! why was she going to the classs?
''Are you going to the class?'' I asked.

''Yes''. Asma replied

''No, no you can't go'' afrah chimed in too

''But Why?''

''Cause we are bunking the class!'' I declared


''So you are not going too, lets get out of the college and go somewhere, lets go to some restaurant have lunch or something but NOT to class again''

''No guys! i actually want to attend the class''

''But you cannot, because we are not attending''

As i noticed the lecturer was few feet away from us and my back was facing her I grabbed asma's hand and started running towards the other staircase. Afrah started running too, we were panting to reach the other staircase in time. As we reached on the ground floor finally, panting and heading towards the play ground. Asma then realized how i successfully forced her to bunk the class with me :P

''Do you think she saw us?'' I asked Afrah

''No man i don't think so we ran pretty fast''

Asma still catching her breath ''You guys are crazy you know?''

''Ofcourse'' Afrah and I beamed in unison as if we had conquered the world!

Within 15 minutes of fleeing from the class, there we were! Out of the college! Smiles stuck on our faces! (well at least afrah and mine)... Sunny afternoon as it was around 12 in the noon! And well the freedom didn't come for free, Let's just say we had to be *cough* quite *cough* generous with the watchman for it.

Asma, being the good kid she was headed to her home and I was like ''What's the point of fleeing from the college, if you had to go home?!'' Disappointment at my friend's simplicity was apparent on my face and then she confirmed that ''as much as she would like to spend this afternoon with us, she really had some business to take care of and she could use this time for it''.

With that, Afrah and I sighed and went to Shehla's home as Shehla madam seemed to have had taken an oath to never come to college regularly. We spent the rest of the day, watching a movie from the GIGANTIC movies collection that she had with wonderful snacks being served by aunty over and over again. God! how I loved aunty for never asking how come we dropped by in the afternoon during college hours!

Oh in case you are wondering which subject we were running from, it was AUDITING!

The only problem with our lecturer was that she took her subject which is not even a complete subject. It was just a part of Company Law that she took wayy too seriously so people like Afrah and I could suffer at her hands for a long time!

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