Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have taken a week's off from work to visit my love hyderabad, LOL *jokes* I am actually here to see my mom.

My office blessed us with a 3-day weekend so i took the liberty to take one more week's off and fly over here. I am in such a terrible state right now considering the fact that i have had very little sleep from more than 24 hours, the thing is i was very keen to write this entry. shucks, i think i have gotten addicted to the idea of writing on a blog rather than in my diary which is more like a public property for my family for they would just pick it up and read whatever they like. AND! not just that, some family members even take the liberty to edit what i write =/

Day 1 -The person sitting next to me in the flight was lets just say not a pleasant company as i was tortured for a good 1 and 1/2 hours of unwanted-one sided conversation. This was a time when i was happy that the flight from Dubai to Hyderabad is only for 3 hours.
My patience was tested again as my luggage arrived at the belt after good 60 minutes. And my last escape to this torture was the recitation from Al Sudais. Man! did that help?!

The customs didn't feel like having a good 'ol conversation with me today so i was relieved as i left the airport immediately. After a tiring journey it is such a sight to see my 2 siblings waiting for me. Unfortunately, i was not the usual energetic me when i met them. Eventually, it was the FAMILY time. Had breakfast and have been trying to sleep the entire day but man is it tough to sleep for me after a flight :(

As the evening progressed I had a wonderful family dinner where i initially hesitated to eat too much and later i hogged like a hungry person for ages. The best part being that my sister and I were singing all the broken-hearted songs in a really LOUD voice as we were dedicating to my brother and hinting it on his.. oh well you get the point ;)

Around midnight was the time for Ice Cream but i was highly disappointed as the place i recomended for ice cream have lost all their quality, it was too bad. During this time, I was the target for my brother and my sister's jokes most of the time as i am the youngest one I get to be the target.

The night is still on as my siblings do not seem to be having any plans of sleeping anytime soon and its already 1 in the morning here. Tomorrow I'm going to meet my beloved friend and until then TOODLES!


  1. edit your diary? LOOOL. and they see it as 'public' material, eh.

    What can I say? Gotta love the family :P

    I loled at most of this post, Shiru. You've got a way with words. Hope you have a good weekend, inshaAllah =)

  2. Yes man, for example once i wrote in my diary 'i love my mom' next thing i know is that my dad changes it to 'i love my mom and BABA'

    And trust me you would totally love the family. my baba is the funniest person with a highly skilled sarcasm hehe.. and my mom and baba have these little arguments all the time and they are the entertainment for us :P my sister and i switch sides every now and then ;)