Friday, February 25, 2011

Is that a change that I see? - Well, Hopefully

It was 4 days ago, I met my friend from college. We have been friends for more than 5 years and now that I think about it, it's been quite a long time. I am friends with her but the intensity of our friendship sort of changed post college which I guess is pretty normal keeping in mind the fact of our super fast paced lives.

When I met her, after an hour or so,we ran out of things to discuss. So she opened my bag and found a copy of Riyad-us-saliheen. I was so excited to read the book to her, as i recently discovered reading Islamic books to/with friends is a fun activity. She was shocked to see that book and another book similiar to that in my handbag. She could not believe her eyes, as my struggle to stay on the straight path has not been an apparent one. I took the book out and asked her to let me know which chapter she would want me to read and I did so, she was astonished and I was embarassed as she delightfully recalled the kind of person I used to be back in the college and few months ago. Living my life to the fullest in the bliss of ignorance.

Confused, Depressed, Unaware are people who are lost in the glitterati of this world and the ones who are not known to the real purpose of life(I was one of them). Alhamdulillah, for Islam.

Finally, when I had to leave she accompanied me to the main road where I had to hail an auto for myself. Our auto drivers can be very demanding people, well mostly actually. The 1st one blissfully ignored me although he didn't have a passenger. 2nd one didn't like the place where i wanted to go... In the meanwhile they were couple of ladies waiting few feet away from us. Then came the 3rd auto driver and he immediately declined on my face. Out of helplessness, I threw my hands in the air. Then I made a loud specific prayer for an auto driver to take me to my destination and suddenly the 3rd auto driver stopped his auto near those 2 ladies and agreed to take me to my destination. A grin stuck on my face as i headed in his direction with my friend, the lady who noticed me praying immediately commented to her friend ''I saw her praying for an auto''

''Wow, man! you've really changed'' said my friend.

''Like how?''

''Shireen, you were declined by 3 auto drivers on your face and all you did was throw your hands in the air''


''You HAVE changed!! I have seen you cursing auto drivers, You would have used some verbal abuse to show your frustration but this time! you just threw your hands in the air''

''Really? I cursed so often?''

''Ofcourse man, I tried to change you for soo long for you to leave cursing and using bad words. Now, I am so happy for you''

''I am still struggling and I still use them sometimes''

''Is that a change that I see?''

''Well, Hopefully''


  1. I'm happy she noticed the difference...
    N i just love the way u write :)

  2. aw jazakillah khayr for the kind comments :D I love youuu