Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been disappointed many times in life, whats funny is that i didn't see it coming from you,

May be, just may be it was the fact that I love you and my presumption that you loved me too.

Words are for people who just talk about love but they don't even try!

To stab my back after all my love, it just took you a blink of an eye!

You tell me you are sorry, but guess what, i dont care,

I have had enough from you, Just have had my share.

I really do not deserve to be treated the way you did,

Don't you dare tell me how you are ''so sorry for it''

You have not just broken my trust, You've broken a part of me,

You have broken that very part, which had loved you so dearly.

You can forget even thinking about gaining my trust again,

I would rather prefer dying than to go through this pain.


  1. :(

    From a poetic point of view, it's got a great internal rhythm.

    But it's very heartbreaking. So sad to see that you have been hurt again :(

  2. I know, not too good. But I guess thats what life is about.. :)thx for readin it tho