Saturday, February 5, 2011

M is for Modesty

Warning : This is going to be a combination of a rant and my opinion about a certain issue, so you can choose to read or run!

It was this weekend. I had noticed it before but not to this extent. A mother doing her under garments shopping with her son who is probably 12 years old and not just THAT! The son also selects stuff for his mom! so my question is one of the famous questions, the most repeated, WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD?!!!

The boy was with his grandmother too who would select the stuff for her daughter and ask the grandson to give them to his mother in the dressing room. Some might think i am writing about this whole scene in a rather extremist manner. But guess what, I don't care. Because kids being in a huge, branded lingerie showroom of that age, for me is downright OUTRAGEOUS. As the display varies from simple nightwear to s***** outfits.Whatever happened to the word MODESTY?!

I think that when any of us are planning to go to such places it is better to avoid taking our kids there*. Because at this stage it might not seem like a big deal but it will be one of the major factors which will shape their mentality i.e., spending time with their mothers. But hey, guess what happens to the mentality if you take your kids** spend time with you in to places like these, its simple - no modesty. Thats right you can forget that characteristic in your child's personality. When you yourself are not being a role model of modesty how can you expect your child to turn out like a saint? except a miracle of course.

*Unless you have to do some shopping for your kids in that place

**I am not hinting at all kids, there can be babies who you cannot leave anywhere. I am pointing towards kids who reach to a certain age where they grasp everything from their surroundings and kids who have the clear understanding of things.

Whats my point? Well, my point is keep the young ones away when you are out there shopping for something which your personal affair. Trust me, it is not a fiesta for them to witness.


  1. I AGREE! That is disturbing, really. I mean, you can just have the father hang out with the kids for a bit or something. No need to take a stroll in the lingerie department.

  2. Thanks for dropping by ;)
    And yes, had it been within my means i'd personally stop every mother who takes their kids to such places