Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 2 - Books and Biryani

The Day started with parathas and yummy egg curry. When i have food with mom it is so hard to leave the dining table without filling myself upto my throat as she takes my ''no mom, i am done'' as my approval for a refill in my plate! Once done with the breakfast, it was the sweet time! we gorged on delecious sweet puris that mom had prepared and man i am sure i am going to gain lotts of pounds by the time i go back to work :(

I rushed to shamsi's house in the morning while giving a quick HI to shehla at her house. ooh! she's got some new scoop that shall be disclosed here very soon. Wohoo! excited. Shamsi and I met FINALLY!! oh yeah!! We went to the bookstore and bought so many wonderful books. Later around afternoon we came to my house and 3 cheers for my mom's biryani!! The Chicken Biryani was so fantastic!! ah, no place like home.

Shamsi, discovered the name of my childhood blankey today and Don't get too excited i am not gonna disclose it here. Wohoo! my ducks blankey is back! Mom got it dry cleaned.

We went to city centre and shamsi's inability to handle a cone of ice cream compelled the mc donalds guy to come out and hand us some tissues. haha! We the girls! then headed to her home and I loved troubling her every minute! wow. its fantastic to know that i have mastered the art of irritating her hehe ;)

Then we read the riyad us saliheen to each other for around 2 hours! man, that was SO funny, the minute i would start singing a song or talking something bad then shamsi would flaunt the book on my face and start saying ''Allahu akbar'' as if im a ghost or somethin!

Good times waiting again tomorrow, time to meet other friends. Life is sweet, Alhamdulillah!

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