Monday, October 3, 2011

Ar - Rahman ; Ar - Rahmeem


Salamalaykum wr wb! :)

When we study about the Names and Attributes of Allah SWT at Al Huda classes that class is called 'The Greatest Delight'. When I initially started attending classes with them, I could not figure out why is it called The Greatest Delight. Sure, it is good to study the names and attributes of Allah SWT, but anyone can just memorize it and they are done. I tried it many times to myself, to memorize 99 names and just get done with it, and honestly it didn't work. At 9 or 10 names my train of memorization would stop, because all I wanted was the names and attributes because I knew it will get me hassanat.

But, Subhanallah, At our classes we study 1 name and attribute for sometimes upto 4 classes of approximately 1 hour each. Few of you might think how is it possible? Well, Alhamdulillah we have a super awesome teacher, who when we are studying the name gives examples from our real life situations and makes us ponder upon it. It is said that Once you learn the names and attributes of Allah, everything around you should remind you of Him. Like when you see somebody who has changed tremendously you ponder about the name Al-Hadi. When you see somebody changing from 1 stage slowly to another you ponder about the name Al-Lateef. You look at some amazing beauty, you must think of his name Al-Jameel and be awestruck, etc. Even when you do this pondering don't think you don't get hassanat, even this is an act of worship.

Anyhow, moving on, I'll be honest with you I haven't attended the past 3 classes because I wasn't well one week , I was in India, and I was just lazy. You know that feeling when the eman-o-meter goes down to '0'? Yeah, something of that sort. But, the good news is last night I attended the class and man! did I need that?! And... I wrote a lot of notes, for my wonderful readers :) May you All benefit from them, Inshallah.

So, what did I miss? The Intro; and the first type of 'Rahma' which is the General Rahma or Mercy. However, while searching for a picture to go with my post I found an interesting website which has in depth details on names and attributes of Allah SWT. Here's the link. I will be honest, I haven't really checked how great it is, you guys can check and let me know.

1. General Mercy or Rahma 'Amma - You can find that this kind of mercy is all around us. When we notice our surroundings, the nature, the animals. The way Allah swt shows his mercy to all of his creation. You can think about it and post in the comments section anything that pops up in your mind when you think about this kind of mercy.

2. Special Mercy or Rahma Khassa - This mercy is any kind of mercy that is related to the hereafter. So how to know if you or I have gotten this mercy or not? well here are some pointers; whoever receives this special kind of mercy, Allah will ;
- That person will be guided to the path of seeking knowledge
- He/She will be guided to good deeds
- They will be guided to worship Allah and Allah swt will beautiful this worship in their heart. What does it mean? well, you know how sometimes although we pray, it is out of laziness, after an hour's of procrastination, and well there really isn't any affect on us after that? Yeah! So when Allah swt beautifies our ibadah, we don't feel that way. There's no lethargy infact we look forward to it and it brings comfort to our heart.
- He/She will be firom upon the right guidance
- Allah swt will guide this person even with their decisions

Remember, we cannot measure His mercy. It is beyond that.Why do I say this? Because sometimes we unconsciously measure it when someone has a better job than us, or a better car that perhaps Allah swt is being more merciful towards them. If you recieve something from Allah, know that it IS mercy and even if you are deprived of something then know that it is mercy TOO. A believer always thinks good of Allah. But, how to do that?

You have to make an active connection between the Decree of Allah swt with His Mercy :
Allah knows better than you do about the thing in which there's mercy for you. Also, remember that Allah decree is surrounded by His Mercy. Whats the proof?
Think about this, At the time of Firawn or Pharoh he was so out of his mind when he got to know that one of the boys from his nation is going to defeat him that he decided to kill all the boys born every year. The Banu Israil were of course psyched out because they were the pampered people and always wanted slaves to take care of them, so they did not find it acceptable that all boys be killed. So Pharoh decided, that he is gonna kill all baby boys born every alternate year. So the year in which no boys were supposed to be killed, Haroon (AS) was born, the next year when the boys were supposed to be killed Musa (AS) was born. Now, how do we see this situation? As a bad one of course. Now, Musa (AS) mother could hide him somewhere in the house, make sure nobody sees him, keeps him in a small place, after all he was a small baby and could have been hidden anywhere. But Allah SWT inspires her to put Musa (AS) in a BOX, and then put it in the water. Atleast, if Musa (AS) was with her, she could spend her life whole and own life protecting Him, but putting him in a box and then in water looked like a sure shot invitation to death. Yet, she put her faith in it and did as inspired. Where's the mercy in this Decree of Allah?

The mercy in this decree of Allah swt is, while his mother was worried for his safety. Allah SWT's decree made it possible for Musa (AS) to be raised in the Most SAFEST places of that time. Pharoh's palace was AS Safe AS a person could get. See the beauty? we can even recall some of the events in our own lives which at first seemed like something so bad, yet with it came some good in it. I have had instances where I hated something that happened in my life to a great extent, but now when I look at it, I know it was for the best.

Any decree, any situation, anything that you even hate, just know there's Allah's decree in it which by default means there is some mercy in it which also kinda means that you can't winge about it. It is a reminder for me before anybody else. Any decree that even if you don't like might become your means of attaining jannah..NOTHING THAT THE MOST MERCIFUL DECREES FOR HIS SLAVES WILL BE BAD. That's the belief we all need to engrave in our minds. Remember that when Allah swt deals with us, it is 100% mercy. Any decree that happpens from now on, we must remember to associate Allah's mercy with it. And not everyone will understand it.

We have to remember that Allah is more merciful than any human being, hence don't make conditional dua. Don't think ''Oh how can I ask for Jannatul Firdaws? I am such a sinner, I will be fine even if I stay at the lowest levels in Jannah'' because Allah's mercy is beyond measure. So when you ask of Him something, out His mercy He can give you anything that you ask for, even if it looks like a far fetched dua. And when we are complaining about any situation that happened with the decree of Allah to a human being, it is as of you are complaining about the Most Merciful which is why Qadr Allah should always be associated with his name and attribute Ar- Rahman - Ar Raheem.

I still have more notes to go, Inshallah I will post the following tomorrow ;

Allah swt's Mercy in relation to the Shariah
Allah swt's Mercy in relation with the name Ar-Rub
Allah swt's Mercy in relation with the name Al-Alim
Allah swt's Mercy in relation with the name Al-Ghafoor

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  1. We the slaves of Allah Kareem must always have a good opinion of HIM as HE is the most Merciful and HE never orders anything bad for HIS true slaves.
    Under all circumstances good or bad, we must be grateful for HIM.
    How are you? no matter what--the reply should be Alhamdolillah--Shukran.
    Thank U for such a wonderful post.

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