Sunday, October 30, 2011

The way we connect

I have plenty of people in my life who I can say I have truly connected with. I've been a part of their memories and they have been a part of mine. Most of those memories were happy memories, when we would laugh to the extent that we would run out of breath, get excited and hug the life out of each other, do something special together and wish for the world to stop that time or just simply do a notorious act and grin to ourselves.

There was a connection in all those moments that I felt with the other person who is mostly a friend. But the depth that I feel connecting with a person through pain, grief, and sadness feels much more closer to my heart than when done otherwise. It is not to say that we should dwell in sadness or something of that sort. It was just an observation I recently made and when I thought about it in retrospect it made some good sense to me.

So now when I recall how some of my friends became so close to me, I also recall the one memory of me being sad or them and we helping each other to come out of it.

Perhaps this is the reason why group therapy does wonders for some people or even people in disturbed zones because connecting through the similar experiences acts as a consolation for the heart that one is not alone in it and there are others going through the same thing more or less.

Oh well, thats about it.


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