Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Allah doesn't need you, It is You who needs Him,
For your every single want, desire need or whim.
Your obedience doesn't make him strong nor does your disobedience make him weak,
You were created from a despised water, he gave you every ability even the one to speak.

You think He is merciful so why not persist doing a sin?
You give justifications, excuses, and make it all spin.
No, it is not okay; even minor sin becomes major some day
He is Al Muheet where are you going to run away?

Your sins bring upon you the pain,sadness and grief
Sometimes makes it so hard that you can barely breathe
You ignore these feelings and attribute it to stress
Forgetting that In His Remembrance Do hearts find rest.

So you turn on some music, search for some videos,
Thinking that a singer knows you more than Allah knows
He is your creator yet you conveniently forget,
Try opening the quran once, when you're upset.

This world is nothing, souls leave bodies every hour
Nothing in this world can stop it, No person or power
Except by Allah's will , His command and decree
Death is going to chase you wherever you may be.

Repentance is hard and ignorance brings you ease
Now is the time, to bring your soul some peace
Not when you are dying and the words don't come out
You knew the purpose of your life, what it was about

Yet, you let the days, weeks, and years pass by,
Thinking to yourself one day I'll repent and cry
How would you face Allah, The Most High?
You would beg him for just one more try..

One more chance to go back and mend your ways,
To stop sinning away your years,weeks even days
To say that one prayer, to do that one good deed
To praise Allah for every met and unmet need

But your request will not be accepted,
Foolishly, You expect the unexpected.
You forgot that Jannah does not come at easy price,
People have sacrificed for it, their wealth and life

They changed, left their old lifestyles due to His fear,
Not for once did they forget that He is The Most Near
As long as your breathing, you know that its not too late
Now is the moment, The One Chance, Don't Wait!


  1. Oh, ma'shaAllah!! What can I say but LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Jazakillah koli khair.

  2. waiyyaki :) may our repentance be accepted.