Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Eight Brass Crescent Awards nominations are out over here

I would request all of my 36 awesome people and the readers to take a minute of your time and go and vote for 3 blogs in any cateogory ;

1. Dear Little Auntie *- This is a Q&A blog with a dash of humor and sincere advice in it. I am sure just like my life the words of these aunties have touched many. If you need to check it for yourself then you can go here for some good light-hearted advice on anything and EVERY thing! :P

* I love them so make sure to vote for them!

2. I Got It Covered - Just like blog above, IGIC is an online community of hijabis from around the world and this blog is run by a bunch of REALLY talented sisters except me :P so just click on the link and do some search

3. Habibi Halaqas - This is a blog that has many feathers on their hat. They have articles, videos, audios, anything you name it, they have it. Also, they have Exclusive Online Webinars by some of the Best Shaykhs EVER and You can attend them too - Its all for free. Visit them on

WHY - Now, I know somehow many of us would end up procrastinating it or even wondering about why we should take the effort and vote after all? So for some of us, I'd like to remind that we always talk about dawah and about spreading Islam and helping the muslim nation but we mostly run out of time or the resources to do it. These people here they are just doing that and the least we can do for them is vote for them and encourage them so that they know that their efforts are recognized. Of course, it is all for the sake of Allah swt but what about our courtesy?

And feel free to vote for the other blogs that you like and the ones I haven't mentioned I am sure they all do a pretty amazing job.

Ps - Remember you have to confirm your vote via the email you would recieve after selecting your vote.

If it was upto me I would vote for the blogs like about 1000 times but sadly they do the email verification and I don't have 1000 email accounts :P